Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mute therapy.

She wanted to scream her lungs out .Still ,she decided not to .After all ,she had promised herself,that she would let things be.She would take it all, in her stride.She was trying an experiment.She was trying to keep calm .This act of being a mute witness, was so unlike her.Any reaction, howsoever small & insignificant, would lead to a  torrent of words, from her side.

She went berserk with her words.Her daughter would retort back .And then, arguments would flow thick & sharp.It was repeated every now & then ,day in & day out.Her daughter was aping her ,she felt.She had been told so, by her friends & well wishers as well.They asked her to calm down & they argued, that her kid would calm down as well.She was unsure, about the outcome, in case, she kept silent.She was afraid of trying.She was enjoying the daily screaming .Was she ?

No ,in fact, she had got tired of the daily fights of words, with her kid.She wished her kid was as obedient as other kids.How other parents handled their children ? Were they as impossible as her daughter or worse off ?Was it because, her kid missed the father, who was busy touring ? She had no answers.

She tried meditation & it did calm her down a bit.Then, as she got busy with her daughter's badminton classes, she gave up meditation.She had no time.She was busy throughout the day catering to her kids demands,household chores  & other things.

Then,that day , as she sat reading her favorite magazine ,she read about the positive effects of staying calm.She read how one must remain a mute witness & stop reacting.Just keep observing & stay quiet.The argument was that things go from bad to worse as we argue endlessly.She decided to try this out.

It was weekend & she felt some peace & quiet may change things.Even if nothing changed,it could not get worse.When her daughter screamed, that she wanted some pancake for  breakfast ,she just got up & made it.She did not argue.Her kid gobbled it up.Then, her daughter  skipped studying & watched the idiot box.She had no homework,she informed her mom.She kept silent through all her daughter's tantrums.Her kid took ages to take bath that day.Not once ,did she remind her daughter to take bath.By sunset,her kid took a bath & surprised her.

She went for her evening walk .Her daughter had kept a glass of chilled lemonade for her ! She smiled as he sipped it.Her kid came & hugged her.Her daughter promised her, that, even she, will try to stop shouting, to get her way.After all, her daughter said they must behave, as friends behaved.

She was overjoyed.Just a day of silence, had achieved so much ! Silence is a great healer . It worked beautifully.It was the therapy ,they both needed-perhaps,she needed it more than her kid.

She decided to try being silent, more often.After all ,the reward that followed was worth it !

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maliny said...

Nice post on the topic . . My post is too on a similar note . . keep writing :)

Aswathy said...

indeed a nice way of making the most of the proverb, silence is golden.. it helpz our life in a positive way always..
nice to read your post..

check mine

happy to follow you,,:)

Uma said...

nice take on the topic..very true too!

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