Sunday, December 23, 2012

Speed post

Hello Dearest,

I have never addressed you by this name .I am doing so, as I hope, you will read this letter, from a dear friend & not your mother.

You are, at an age, when your friends mean the  world, to you.

 I am worried like any other mother.I worry about how you will travel with others -your teachers & schoolmates.Will you be able to sleep as the train chugs along when you know that I am not by your side .Will you eat or make a face & refuse to eat what is offered.Food will not be like what it is at home.Moreover , food choices hardly exist on train routes.Maybe, I worry too much, as you are so young.

I just want you, to take care of yourself.Please do not go alone anywhere -no matter how curious you get.Always be in the company of one or more of your friends.Please keep your teacher informed about your whereabouts.Do keep your mobile charged, so that you can be contacted, in case, need arises.Please remember to carry your cell along, wherever you go.

Eat healthy & not junk like biscuits,chips,colas etc.Try to sleep in time.In case you get hurt,please get help from friends & teacher.You please  assist    others, in case, anyone gets hurt or even otherwise .Please learn to work as a team with your schoolmates.That will always help you.

Be courteous to teachers & schoolmates & others.That will keep the atmosphere pleasant & make things work .Be clean.Take bath ,shampoo &  comb regularly.Wash your hands before & after eating.Remember to brush teeth twice -once when you get up & second time before you retire to bed.This will maintain hygiene.

Before you get bored & stop reading this ,I think I must remind you that most of all, ENJOY your trip ! I am so surprised that you grew up so fast ! I never realised, you would go out ,without me, at this tender age !

May the best team win ! All the very best to you & your team !


your mom.

This post is being written for #MomsforaBetterWorld Project 


Ashwin D said...

That is such a sweet one :)

medha said...

True Vasudha , we mothers smother our kids with our love, care and pampering not realising that they have grown up ....but then we are mothers and know only to love our kids even if they behave rudely with us many a times and give priority to their friends etc

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