Thursday, October 15, 2009

The spirit of enterprise.

The eminent jurist Nani Palkhiwala had an annual ritual of giving his comments on the Government budget & while I was in college,I regularly used to attend his speeches with my father.It was in one of these meetings that he dwelt on the "spirit of enterprise."He was of the opinion, that, in our country,the enterpreneurial spirit is hardly encouraged unlike in America wherein many Indians are able to rise fast because of their spirit of enterprise.

I feel that Mumbai is full of such people who are enterpreneurs.Maybe the city with its high spending levels forces all to become enterpreneurs.It becomes a battle for survival & hence, all have to rack their brains & make jugad to have a minimal living.The spirit of enterprise is so very evident all around in this metro.

During Deepavali now,the shops will remain open throughout -even on the weekly off days so that people can shop.This is missing in Pune where the shops remain closed daily in the afternoons as all enjoy power naps ! This is a ritual, which Pune cannot do without-come Deepavali or what have you.I remember, that, once, I had gone to a shop for buying some pattice for breakfast & I was forced to return empty handed as I had not carried change & the shopkeeper wanted the exact change.Maybe, the people living in other places are santust ( satisfied) with whatever they have.They do not crave for a better life for themselves.So obviously,they do not work towards a better life for others as well.

Pune is just another example-Chennai also is like that only.I know, that, many women there also go to work but many give up as there are no proper creches for taking care of kids.There is no professionalism.Some creches start but will close on any day -such attitude can only lead to chaos.Bangalore also is a similar case study- all autowallahs there are ready to make a fast buck.After sunset,they will charge a fortune to take you to the destination.They will take money extra for luggage & so on.

In Mumbai,autowallahs do charge you extra, but after midnight, & all go by metre.It is Pune, wherein, all the auto metres are manufactured but the autiowallahs here have numerous rate cards.One of my friend says ,"Each autowallah in Pune has his own auto rate card."Except in Mumbai,no autorikshaws go by the metre reading while charging fares -Surat,Baroda,Bangalore,Chennai etal.Maybe as one cliched saying in the Reader's Digest went,"It is not that people are not ready to do an honest day's work.It is only that they want a week's pay for it."

I wish, all other towns & cities could take a cue from Mumbai & salute the enterpreneurial attitude-that will work wonders & solve many of our problems.

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