Monday, October 12, 2009

Expiry date.

A day before, my brother took out an ice cream box from the freezer & exclaimed," Why is this ice-cream just like that- only little has been eaten." My bhabhi immediately said,"I think,we better not eat it as it is months since we got it."My brother examined the expiry date & was relieved to note that it was past one month only since the expiry date.It was sitaphal ice cream( custard apple ice-cream)

I ,my brother & dad were for consuming the ice -cream.We have a middle class fixation of consuming eatables only after the expiry date is over.Moreover if the eatable is thrown away only because of the fact that it is beyond the date of consumption,then it is a drain on our pockets & since we cannot allow that ,we eat it up.It will affect our well being which will eventually lead to a hole nah many holes in our pockets as we visit doctors never bothers us at all.

My bhabhi & mom were totally against consuming the contents of the box but the majority nah the financially viable option prevailed & we all ate it up.My bhabhi also ate it as she opined that she was guilty for not using it up in time.Thankfully,nothing happened the next day -with our digestive systems that is.Just goes to show that we Indian middle class can digest anything be it food beyond the expiry date,corruption at every level,insults,et al.Really,we have a stupendous mental & phyiscal ability to endure anything & everything.

As we sat eating the ice cream,my brother bit on a seed of custard apple & he exclaimed,"This seed proves that this is sitaphal icecream- just in case you all were skeptical about the claims by the manufacturer" He opined,"We do not come with an expiry date."I quipped,"Of course not,God has stamped an expiry date on us also but we do not know about it."Moreover by some of our rash & negligent actions,we prepone the expiry date.But there are some wise people who are able to postpone the same by means of exercise,diet,meditation,yoga etal.

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