Friday, October 23, 2009


The election results were known by many if not all.The saffron brigade was unable to project any viable alternative & another part of them ( read MNS) was just waiting to divide the saffron vote bank- never mind that this was what was needed for the Congress-NCP win in Maharashtra.Now,one, has to not delve too deep to find out as to whether MNS is a paid ally of the Congress,NCP or is just playing along.

So,we are in for another term of misgovernance -not that any other party is bad at it but then Congress is excellent at this job- after all practice makes one perfect ! Really,has the ruling party combine been up to any good ? Farmers continue to commit suicide,prices are spiraling upwards into the space now ,crimes are increasing,& so on.Our woes continue unabated- then,why did people vote for this ? Maybe, because of TINA ( there is no alternative).

Maybe, there is another reason- the EVMs.The electronic Voting machines have been dubbed by some as Electronic Victory Machines- for the Congress, that is.But for these EVMs,Congress would never have made a comeback.It appears that, at some polling booths-yes, this is as per eyewitness accounts- any button pressed on the EVMs means votes registered for the Congress ! Such a nice set up-this is.That's why,there is so much support for EVMs by the Congress.The Congress has publicized that EVMs are tamper proof. BJP & others have staunchly opposed this by saying that EVMs can be tampered with ( but as they are still learning to do the same ),they have cried foul !

Come to think of it,EVMs manipulated to make a particular party win at an election is the ultimate fraud or scam ! Isn't it ? This is even bigger, than bogus voting,booth capturing etal.For once,it is so subtle that one hardly notices it & proof is hard to come by.Voters are not needed at all.Anybody -even a candidadate can press a button & the party wins by absolute majority ! EVMs were preferred as in a large democracy like ours,the number of voters & obviously votes was too staggering for counting.But the manner in which EVMs are being tampered with to ensure gain for a party is the mockery of democracy !

The election commission should step in & check this for, in the finality,it is the responsibility of the Election Commission that elections are free & fair.EVMs are a challenge to the authority of the commission if they are being misused as alleged.

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