Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roti,parathas,puris & all

I finally bade goodbye to my maid -the one who has been making rotis for us.She was in communicative for being absent & off late, had been flaunting her absence as her license.My daughter needs rotis for her school dabba & hence,I am at a loss early in the mornings, if ,I have to whip up anything for my fussy kid .This, after endlessly waiting for the servant is just too much.

This was a bold decision by my standard-bidding adieu to the bai that is.Now,I had to begin making chapatis & I did start but with what results ! The dough would be done in a jiffy but the rotis would take tremendous efforts.But the efforts never showed up -I mean,the rotis were hard & tough to bite into.Then,I remembered, that the grocer had given me Punjabi atta -something ,I am not used to.I keep forgetting that I am not used to any atta -actually, not used to any roti making.Anyway, the causes of the hard rotis had been identified.This was a necessity, as I was sure ,that I was not responsible for them turning out that way.

Next day,I made the atta & then waited for it to soak the water for more than an hour before I embarked on this task.But again,it was a disaster- I used an aluminium tawa & it had got worn out & the rotis got unevenly baked.If the vessels are so bad,how can anybody make good rotis ? I took this also in my stride -you should applaud my positive attitude but, then my family has slowly turned very negative about my chapatti making adventures.My daughter, who devours chapatis mornings,noons & nights avoids them like never before.My dad made encouraging remarks for some days but, eventually, gave up as he was unable to express his appreciation, sorry, apprehension of eating them ! My hubby tried to act very considerate & told me,"Why take the trouble -keep another bai."Actually,he meant,"Why are you troubling all of us-please spare us this ordeal -of eating your rotis."I refused to hear through his pleas & continued with my attempts.

Next,I thought, that maybe, parathas, will be easier & ventured into that.They turned out to be fairly better but I have this problem of over sweaty hands & so ended up using a lot of atta to expand the paratha size .Obviously,the parathas were either too dry or when I had applied oil generously ,too greasy.But you should know that sweaty palms are a real problem for a housewife & if you don't,then better learn from my case study.I also tried making paneer parathas but had to give up as the smoke filled house alarmed the family.They were petrified, that, my paratha making had gone so haywire that the whole house was on fire ! Really, with your own people being so non-cooperative,how can anybody ever learn to cook parathas,rotis etc ?

My mother suggested, that I should try making puris but you see, I am too health conscious to try such greasy dishes.I am the ideal daughter,sister, wife & mother who will make only light dishes-cholesterol free for the family .But,I am not averse to consuming puris myself, so lovingly prepared by others as I am against showing attitude.Never mind, that puris are high in bad cholesterol but, then, the trick is in moderation in eating,isn't it ?

Moreover,I have these nightmares of toppling the frying pan brimming with oil on the boil et al. And ,I opined that, if, I tried frying puris,there could be a daylight disaster which my family may not survive.So,I went back to making rotis -of course, I am still learning.My family is still trying hard-harder than me -to cope up with eating them.Thankfully,oral health week is being celebrated now & my family made a beeline for the same.You see, for biting into such rotis,it is advisable, that their teeth as also their jaws are in strong shape.

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