Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Promotions et al.

I recently heard about quite a few promotions.One of my cousin brother was promoted to a top position in the company.Another friend was promoted to a middle management position.I congragulated them all on their success.They are lucky as their skills & hard work have been recognised.In quite a few instances,people keep slogging & are superceded by others.

One of the Heads of a City unit got promoted.After promotion,he is likely to be shifted to an unenviable position in a sister concern.This is per the rule that senior executives can be posted in any of the various sister concerns.Now,that means,the  chosen sister concern will also have to tolerate the said executive like the concern wherein he was previously head.

My ex-colleague was lamenting that mean persons get awards like promotions.I quipped to remind her ",The fact that we all have to continue to work under the mean boss ( who has got a even fancier designation than before ) is the punishment for our sins .I am very doubtful if the promotion is an award for him."This is akin to a joke.A man dies & goes up.The angel takes him on a tour.At one place,he notices,Madhubala ( beautiful )  sitting with Mukri ( ugly ).The man says to the angel," I want Mukri's punishment." The angel shoots back,"That is Madhubala's punishment,not Mukri's."

In my case,I hardly got any promotions & when I was promoted years later, ,it failed to elate me.By that time,I had become so conditioned that no loss or gain nah , sorrow or joy seemed to have any effect.That was, when,I understood, the meaning of the Bhagwat Geeta which tells us to remain stead fast -come rain or shine. In fact,I learnt that in Public sector,a promotion only brings added responsibilities with no benefits whatsoever.The salary increase is hardly worth it.But tax burden does increase manifold ! Moreover,the fancier the designation,the lower the stature, in the orgainzation !

I realised a lot many things on my promotion.I was truly enlightened ! One of my colleagues had been promoted years earlier to me -well,because she was on loss of pay for months together! So,she was promoted in order to encourage her to return to office.I used to guard my leave like a fixed deposit .The office management opined, that since,I was always available,I was self motivated & promotion hardly mattered.

I rarely got to attend any training as the management   felt, I was aptly trained & fitted their idea of an obedient & sincere worker.My bosses opined  that if, I left for training,they will have to search for another donkey to slog. Once ,I recall,my immediate boss arguing with his boss about sending me on training.Finally,my boss prevailed & I attended training.Of course,apart from this,my ex- employer is quite notorious for having training sessions for people who are retiring on the first day of the training session they are supposed to attend.

I thought at one time, that, I was being left out of promotions as I was not technically qualified- but, I was wrong.I qualified on the technical front & still ,I was left high & dry.I then, came to know that I was over qualified for the next level & so drew a blank !

Promotions are also given so that people who have nuisance value can be shifted.People who argue endlessly without reason,always obstruct work,disallow others to work,unionise etc etc are always promoted & that too before others-in fact superseding many ! This is because such people have grown up- so much in their notoriety that is , they need to be dislodged- so what, if, it demotivates others !

By the time, I discovered ,all these preconditions needed for promotions,I was on my way out.My kid needed me.I almost jumped at this opportunity . I know that my job in office can be done by many but only I, can be the mother to my daughter.

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