Saturday, November 21, 2009

India : Filth capital.

Our minister for environment has said that India would easily win the Nobel prize for filthiness.So truly said.We don't really care about any cleanliness except , perhaps, our own homes.We keep surroundings dirty & untidy.Similarly,we litter trains,buses,public places,etal.We feel that it is our right sorry that we have a  license to dirty around.In addition,we believe, that it is the responsibility of our Government to clean all the dirt.

How irresponsible can we get ? Moreover,how do we forget that no facility comes without a price ? If we want to keep littering around & want cleaners to clean up after us,we have to pay a heavy price-literally .Obviously higher taxes .As it is,all crib about high taxes but India being a welfare state,there is no escape from taxes . Our dirty attitude will keep the taxes high & in all  probability  even raise the taxes.

Actually,becoming clean has so many plusses- less diseases like malaria,diahorrea,dengue,plague,etal Another is that a clean ambiance will add to the tourist inflow.The money saved by being disease free can be invested elsewhere like education,environment ,etc.

The plague in Surat cleaned up the city.Do we need another epidemic to make us go clean ?

Moreover by being dirty,we are torturing the poor.The rich can afford to be sick but the poor can't even get medical aid for the simple reason that it is too pricey.So,we all haves have a duty to keep clean so that we don't spread filthiness around harming the have nots.

Many Indians,especially those, who have lived and or travelled abroad are always praising other nations about the clean roads,cities abroad.But these same persons will litter the roads in India with cigarette packs,chocolate wrappers,plastic bags,cartons,etal.This is because,if one of them does that,how does it affect anyway ? Moreover ,since everything is so dirty,how does one more bag ,carton make it more untidy ?

Policing in our nation is quite difficult because of the huge population & also because additional resources will be needed.So,it is high time,we learnt to be clean & tidy .We,Indians are very religious.It is said that cleanliness is next to Godliness.So what is that prevents us from being clean ? 

Let us, at least ,make a sincere attempt to prove Jairam Ramesh wrong .On second thoughts,if  only our netas could come clean ...After all,everything is in the mind.

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