Thursday, November 19, 2009

Work at the office.

As I went on my daily walk in the evening,I remembered the kind of jobs I had performed in Office.

I was posted in a moffusil office in the beginning.We had been warned during our training that the offices would make us do jobs like filing papers et al & that is what precisely happened.On the second day,I was told by the head clerk to start filing claim papers in the numerous files.I did as asked as I myself had asked that I be given some job.

There was a water problem-shortage of water.So,we would go & request the landlord who lived at the back of our office to turn on the tap.Now,our suggestion was considered qyuite atrocious & the landlord would coolly inform us that the Muncipality was responsible for water & not him.But we used to persist with our efforts.My ex-employers executives had this fixation of having their various offices in places where they would pay a pittance of a rent.What followed later was an ordeal soory,ordeals for the staff posted at those offices.Water shortage was the common complaint. There were others like power going off sometimes for the whole of the day but our executives just looked through all this.

So,in these circumstances,I teamed up with another colleague to fill up water for drinking.The colleague was physically challenged but still others rarely assisted.They were angry that the management was so unkind about our water woes.Later,we started ordering mineral water for all but that would lead to fistcuffs with persons holding on to their bottled water as if there was a drought.People stopped bringing water from home!

I also once sat in the office on the floor to tear up old records which were no longer needed as nobody else was ready to do it.Moreover,the staff was doing their routine work.Since,I was the only one who was not assigned any specific work or rather, I was the officer & hence all office work was my responsibility,I ended up doing it !

When,I was posted to a suburban office,I had to accompany the peon to the bank as a shock absorber.The bank was perpetually angry that we were depositing cash very late in the day.So,they would admonish the peon.So,the peon opined that as I was in charge of accounts,it was my privilage to listen to the lectures at the bank.The bank manager was a lady.She had visited US & was all praise for the offices,the people there.I wanted to blurt out that if banks can't put up with cash deposits which are within the day ( though somewhat late),how does she expect others to be Americanised ?But then she was a true desi -she was so very patriotic !I also used to be in charge of the cash box keys.This resulted in getting into arguments with the boss more than once.My kid was sick & though a duplicate was available with him,I had to travel to office just to deposit the keys.

At moffusil office as also at the suburban one ,I was also in charge of marking the muster roll.This would lead to all sorts of tiffs with the staff.Some would come so late that their presence in office was as good as half a day.Citing that ,they would sit idle till lunch hour disturbing others as well.My bosses would invariably,condone all late marks including half day & send the muster register back to me.I could never understand the logic behind all this generosity.The reason given was that we needed people to finish pending work ! But nobody wanted to analyse why work remained pending -of course,due to the officer in charge-that is me !So all this sympathy was for me & I could not just observe it ! So ungrateful of me !

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