Monday, October 5, 2009


Kids are a source of joy & envy as well. Parents lament that with kids around things are not the same anymore as one cannot keep late nights,can't leave the house at a moment's notice,etc etc & the list goes on & on.Well,all this, because, there is someone so tiny & or so dear that you have to take care of him ( includes her ) as that person trusts you completely.

Kids do let you have a peek at their world-their take on this world of ours & theirs once in a while.Kids are very observant-sometimes too much for the comfort of adults !Once ,we were dining at a restaurant wherein, kids go in for a toy which comes along with a snack.My hubby noticed a family eating a snack out of a package.He chided my daughter," See,they are having medu vada -why can't you eat medu vadas ? Why you have to eat all alien stuff like burger& fries ?" My kid quipped," Appa,that is chicken bhajiya not medu vadas & as I am a vegetarian,how can I eat that ? Will you allow ?" Her reply made us all laugh our worries away !

Once, we were travelling, on a road wherein barricades have been put up for a road broadening project & we were explaining to my daughter about the barricades.She said," Barricades are put up so that people can spit on them !" She pointed to the red betel leaf stain marks which were all too visble on the tin sheets.

My dad has a flat in a small suburb & was thinking of disposing it off. So some of our neighbors came visiting.My daughter asked her grandpa," Why all of them are coming home ?"My dad told her that he wanted to sell off that house.She added,"Yes,please sell & give the money to us so that we can buy a flat."My father said," But I will give to my son."His grandchild informed him,"You should divide equally between mama & amma.So you sell for a round figure like 40 lakhs,so that you can give 20 lakhs to both of them ."We all learnt a lesson in equality & it left us all amused.

So kids are a mirror to all of us as depicted in "Alice in Wonderland."Hence, let us inculcate good values with a dose of humor in our children.After all,they are the world of tomorrow.

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