Friday, October 9, 2009

Bringing up dad.

Stuti means praising a person.We all being human, rarely shower praises on other fellow brethern or sisters.Like my father who often starts praising my mother's brothers ,-in fact her whole family, even after so many years of marriage.He believes that they have not sincerely provided for the less fortunate of her brothers & their families & hence are selfish.He will often call them up & tell them that the better ones should have acted in a particular way if they really meant to raise their standard of living.My mother is deeply hurt by all this stuti but then she has got so addicted to this facet of my father that she has given up .She takes it in her stride & continues to take care of her life partner.

My dad is a great equaliser in doing stuti -he praises my husband for his shortcomings as well.He will keep pestering me about my hubby by asking as to when will he settle down to a job wherein we all can stay together as a family etcetc? I am unlike my mother & do take umbrage but it unfortunately gets directed at my hubby & we end up in arguments.My father is also full of praise for bringing up my kid-he hates the idiot box being on all the time but my kid hears none of such advice.He also opines that maida meaning bread,biscuits et all should be given once in a while & so on & so forth.He is of the belief, that, I am not sincere in looking after my kid.I feel, it is high time ,he stopped interfering & let go of trying to control me .Now,that I have crossed forty,I feel I can look after myself & my dear ones.

But my dad disagrees-if I get cross & retort back,he sulks for some time but is back to his usual self in a matter of hours ! He complains that the dahi ,I set is sour ,the filter coffee is watery,the tea tastes bitter ,the veggies are all overmature & hence taste awful & so on.In short,he is telling me, that I am good at nothing.He feels, that I have got addicted to the net & am not paying any attention to household work.

He has told that he is staying with me so that he can be of help but his attitude does everything but help.He expects me to screen all phone calls for him.He wants breakfast,lunch & dinner at his timings.He expects me to attend to him as he is older by bypassing my kid.Moreover,he is too busy with his friends & acquantances to attend to me .But he still wants me to believe, that he is of great assistance.

It is said, that old age is like second chilhood- I completely agree with this.My dad is nearly seventy five & mind you,I find it easier to handle my nine year kid than him.

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