Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fussing over brinjal !

I am unable to understand this fuss over the brinjal- BT. BRINJAL.

Brinjal is a vegetable that I loathe & hence, genetically modified or not,doesn't bother me one bit even.I find brinjal very tasteless.Yes,I had tasted it while ,I was a kid & can't recall any thing very pleasant .So, I eventually gave it up.

I find that the brinjal is a very mushy vegetable especially,when it is part &  pracel of sambhar or gravy .As such,I am forced to even refuse the sambhar or the gravy.It mixes up so very much with the whole of the dish that I cannot eat the remnants without separating the baingan.Therefore,I have to abstain from eating the whole dish. So,please heed my advice & do away with this tasteless veggie.

It is also called eggplant- the name itself is non- vegetarian.I somehow have a feel, that, the eggplant appears like fish when cooked - I am a vegetarian &  hence, this puts me off further.The consistency of the veggie along with the seeds when cooked just gives me the creeps !

When the brinjal is cooked alone as in the brinjal bharta or in the bharwan baingan ,I am dead sure,it must be awful ! Really,I fail to understand, how, somebody can relish any preparations made from the baingan !

My friends have tried to make me develop a taste for this vegetable but you know, I am a tough cookie when it comes to baingan &  everything associated with it.One of my chums told me that she had this aim to make me eat baingan.I was amused as I felt that one should have a better goal in life other than making one develop a passion for baingan !

I love undhiyon but that too without the brinjal.One of my friends got surti undhiyon for me sans brinjal.She especially requested the cook not to add baingan to the dish. She is my best friend now for obvious reasons !

I am at a loss to make head or tail of this hullabaloo over the genetically modified baingan.On the contrary,I am of the opinion, that all humans should be genetically modified so that they have better tastes !

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Lokadhikar said...

you have presented a good, practical viewpoint on this vegetable. it is true that many people are put off by its mushy texture.

good luck to those who relish Brinjal cooked in various forms. There are some who even call it the King of vegetables! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eggplant) It is not clear what qualifications is the King required to possess.

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