Thursday, May 17, 2012

Net mania on the mobile !


I am hooked to the net, like others.I chat ,share & browse the net for hours together.It is an addiction, so bad ,that when I am away from the net ,I feel disconnected .In other words,I am having withdrawal symptoms !

I have fun on the net- I am sharing information with my friends & like minded people.I get news, the moment, it gets made -the net is so fast ! This is, what is, so exciting ! Moreover,I can chat with with my friends on skype,google talk ,facebook etal -even my friends who are abroad ! Distances have melted & the world wide web is there, in our own homes - in fact , in  our rooms !

I used to worry about my being disconnected when I would travel from home.Now with the vodaphone service ,that is no longer true. I can continue my chat with my friends & keep then updated & get them envious about all the fun, that I am having as I travel.I can even pay my pending bills,recharge my mobile on the go ! I can listen to music & upload photos of places which I visit.Then sharing them on the net is just an app away ! This is Life !

The Vodaphone dog is so loyal & helpful -always there for us: Main hoon na ! It assures us, that it is there always-willing & ready to help us get on, in this net savvy world !

The numerous apps keep me in touch with the world wide web .The alarm on my phone wakes me up.Reminder notes help me greet my friends & dear ones on birthdays & anniversaries.Reminders also assist me in functioning better.I can read reviews of movies & books on the phone .This helps me decide which ones are worth my time.Then another app & my movie tickets are booked !

My kid loves the games on my phone & is always fiddling with it.I love reading & can read so much.Moreover, as net & the mobile get connected,I can share what I read, with others ! The exchange of ideas makes our lives so worthwhile !

I have even got some interesting offers on the net through my cell ! Now ,that is what I call Paisa vasool !  Where ever we are in the real world,we can access the world just by pressing a few buttons & sometimes ,just a button ! The cell has made us all Super Humans vide the net !

1 comment:

medha said...

Correctly stated.....wonder how did we manage before all this gizmos existed!

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