Thursday, October 16, 2008


While in chennai,i saw a relative doing a puja on the rishi panchami day.she had placed an idol of lord krishna standing in a pose with one feet crossing the other with a flute in his hands & a cow at his back almost kneeling its face 2 the feet of the lord.she had covered an asan ( a mani in kannada n peeth in marathi) with a rangoli & placed the idol on that.she recited some shlokas n lighted a lamp.i asked what this was all about n she replied that this was like atonement for all the poojas done earlier by a woman when she would hav knowingly/unknowingly done acts for puja when she was out of doors .it is something like confession in christianity.this puja is 2 b done on rishi panchami day 4 5 years.n i believe this can b done by ladies when they r in menopause.i am sure various sects hav some r the other atonement procedures like this.but r they only 4 women ? does this mean that only a woman is impure when she does pujas - not all the times but sometimes ?r v all really pure in mind & r body when we set in obesience before the lord ? can v say 4 sure that v r ekchit - 1 mind before the almighty ?but 1 good thing about this is that there is an act - the act of poojas 2 atone- something like an appeal before the higher courts,if v hav been impure physically & one of my friend says always " Every sinner has a future ,every saint has a past ".in other words,past actions need not fetter us- v can always b better n even god will allow n help us in our endevours.

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ShreeHari das said...

Not sure the questions asked in the article are rhetorical but I can clarify. On the day of rushi panchmi, all females are meant to fast (like ekadashi). This is atonement or prayaschit for the unknowing sins they may have commited whilst on their menstrual cycle. Hindu scriptures lay down the rules on how a female must behave while on her menstrual cycle. For the first 3 days, she must not touch any clothing, people, cook food or pray by physically going to mandir or touching murtis, aarti, temples etc. On the fourth day, she is to wash all the clothing she has touched (clothes,bed linen-untouched by others) and have a cleansing/purifying bath (washing her hair). During these days if she knowlingly touches a person following this religion or breaks these rules she gets the sin equivalent to brahmhatya. Hence to atone any sins she may have committed unknowlingly, one must observe the Rushi panchmi fast. For more info on such rules of conduct for females...please refer to the Shikshapatri bhashya. The lady offering pooja on this day was doing just this. Prayaschit.

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