Friday, May 15, 2009

Job hunting.

I have been job hunting since I quit my job more than two years ago.

I did get a few offers -some were suitable as regards time.Others suited the pocket but none seemed to be tempting enough to quit caring for my kid & going back.Frankly,I am in a dilemma- should I leave my kid behind with a servant & go for the job or be at home & forget all about the job ?I keep missing the freedom which comes with getting a salary.I also miss my colleagues,the office gossip etc.I do feel that having got the qualification & experience,I am all just losing it.

So I keep applying for jobs.Today I called up an HR Firm to inquirethrift,about the shortlisting for a position in an Insurance Company.I was told that my age was a big obstacle.The company inspite of my insurance technical qualification was keen on younger candidates & not aunties !I always used to wonder how grown up boys sorry men call me Auntyji .Now, I know -that men will always remain young enough to call me Auntyji.But, I feel, that the companies are only interested in getting young fellows for responsible positions never mind, if such fellows have no expertise,experience or even the necessary qualification.Perhaps,five of such fellas can be engaged at the cost of one senior qualified person- this will also solve unemployment among the youth.Moreover,youngsters tend to drive the economy by being spendthrift while Auntyjis believe in thrift which will choke the economy or whatever is left of it!I was also enlightened by the HR firm that as I have left my job more than two years back,my job prospects are almost nil.Really,this is the limit- in any industry -the work remains the same year after year-even for decades- the same circulars are sent around albeit with varied wordings & since I had missed out on the latest wordings ,my landing a job was nearly impossible !

I have come to a conclusion now - that I should remember to write in my CV that I am young at heart never mind,- my biological age !

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