Saturday, August 14, 2010

Decoding men

I have read & been told time & again that women are too difficult nah impossible to be understood.But men are ,well beyond our comprehension ! One has to constantly decode men.

My hubby keeps trying to convince me, that I am, much better than any female office goer as I am my own boss ( ? ).He told me that I can do whatever I please & whenever I want. There are no fixed timings for me.He also added, that I am not a slave to someone who is intelluctually & emotionally at a lower level than me.I felt overwhelmed by all this .Obviously,I did not admit this.But ,then, he keeps enquiring about some tasks which he has handed over to me & that is when I realised, that ,now also ,I have a boss & that is my dear  husband & I am accountable  to him alone unlike in office wherein I was answerable to many .The conclusion is that at home, I am in a very centralised set up wherein all jobs end up in delegation to me .So,ultimately,I am accountable  for all the mess ! This is worst  as in office, I was blamed for only  a part of the problems which cropped up regularly .

I harbour this opinion that grandparents make a good job of caring for their grandkids & must do this in these times as both  parents are working out of homes .But my hubby has very noble thoughts or so I believed.Witness his remarks," Grandparents need not look after their grandchildren.They have already fulfilled their obligations by bringing up their children .Now,after retirement ,they need to spend time in relaxation." I was glad, that, my husband was defending my parents who were unfit to take care of my kid in advancing years.I then asked my hubby if he will take care of his grandchild & he replied that he was never going to retire ! So ,he will never be there for his kid's child ! So,that is, why he is  so full of  sympathy for all grandparents ! Really,he is putting all shock absorbers in place before he gets there !

Whenever my friend goes out of town, her son goes on a detox diet.He goes off tea,coffee,et al He lives only on salads & fruits .That is, because, he finds making tea,coffee& other cooking jobs too much of a chore to do.Another of my friend's hubby takes another way out.He never tries to make his kid eat healthy home made food.He heads to the restaurant with the child to enjoy some tangy stuff as the child will relish the same.

My dad ,hubby & my brother  never shop with us whenever the ladies are shopping as they have other work to do.But we must always accompany them, as we  are good at picking up the things that are in ! The fact, is they are afraid that if we wander on our own ,we may shop beyond their credit limits !

So,next time,any man says something which is too noble or pious ,try to read , nah, hear between the lines !

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