Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ABCDs ! ?

A friend remarked the other day, that, no matter how high & mighty we pretend to be,we are all basically ABCDs.A is for aaya,B is for bawarchi,C for chaprasi & D means driver . Perhaps,sometimes we are more than one of these or better still all the four rolled into one !

Aaya is someone who cares for others like kids,sick & the elderly.Bawarchi denotes a person who cooks & generally takes care of the kitchen.Chaprasi is the sweeper who cleans up the dirt generated by others.Now,it is is upto the sweeper to sweep the dirt away or under the carpet.Mostly the latter.Most of us are indeed chaprasis as many a times we are busy hiding away our vices & exhibiting our virtues ( if any ).

This nomenclature stands good for men as also  women.Men need aayas to care  for them no matter how old they grow.Actually,the older the age,more is the care needed.Men are aayas only in one sense -they earn money which shows they care for the family.Very few males can actually take care of others.Doctors do care but as part of their duty.Men have an inborn innate tendency of not caring.They feel it is a job of the lady just like the other ones ! Men are bawarchis at times when they relax by means of cooking .Of course,some are bawarchis by profession .Chaprasi is an apt name for anyone who clears the mess .Men are chaprasis at the work place as they keep bemoaning that they are always cleaning up for the guy /s who left a mess or rather loads of it.It is another story, that the ladies have to perennially  clean the  trash ,that the men  leave at home on a regular basis.Men drive women crazy & so they are drivers.Sometimes,they do drive vehicles as well but how well they do it is a matter of grave concern to one & all.Just one look at the accident statistics is enough to daze the daylights out of anyone.

Women are all rolled into one most of the times.They are aayas as they care for all at home .Women cook & so they are bawarchis as well.Chaprasis are ladies as they have to clean up the houses & homes after the kids & family members leave litter strewn all over.But some women think that these three roles are insufficient to desribe their talents.So they venture into driving .They  end up being drivers also ! 

Our Prime Minister also fits into this nomenclature.He is an aaya as he the PM to take care of all Indians.At least,that is the oath taken, later forgotten, in other roles.He is the bawarchi as he has to cook up so many tales to counteract  the opposition ,the media,the public & sometimes even his cabinet ! He is a chaprasi as he will always keep reminding us that he is too busy cleaning up the mess left by the previous rulers.This is to justify that this clearing job is so voluminous that no other work will get done ! He is also the driver as he is driving our nation & its people down hill !

I  am an aaya for my kid & my hubby .This role extends to taking care of  the extended family as well sometimes, just by the reason, of being conversant in the  national language.I cook or rather pretend to cook & so am a bawarchi as well.Obviously ,the blog posts cooked by me, make readers suspicious about my culinary abilities as also my literary ones.Since my kid & hubby have no penchant for cleanliness,all the neatness is my forte.So,I am the chaprasi of the house.Whilst I worked in the Public sector,I realised that all of us - my boss included, were chaprasis earning inflated salaries.I am yet to own a vehicle & so cannot drive.But my hubby says that I drive him nuts by my adamant attitude.So I am a driver by my better half's classification.

We all fit so snugly into this.The next time anybody requests you or even orders you for any job ,just think what role is being demanded of you -aaya,bawarchi,chaprasi or driver ? Nine out of ten,it will be the work of a chaprasi !

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medha said...

Hey you can also add "E" - earners ....:)!

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