Monday, August 1, 2011


Women are fond of bags ! We need a bag whenever we have to go out on errands.That bag is like a bottom less pit.This is so as it contains our identity card,make up kits,sunglasses,candies,address book,combs,brushes,bills,receipts so  on & so forth.We just keep stuffing our bags or purses with so many things as we want to carry our world with us .

I used to long for a purse even as a kid.I recall that, I was gifted a small  coin purse on my birthday.It was of lavendar colour . I loved it.It had  a very simple design.As I went to college,I carried a bag, into which went my books as also pens,etc.The bag had a small side compartment in which I  carried money for travelling in buses.

After college,I got a job. I brought a small leather purse for a princely sum of Rs.100/-.This was a rag tag bag in which many left over leather pieces of varying shades of brown colour had been stritched together.After that bag ,there was no looking back.I brought many bags for office use.They were big enough to carry many things including the daily newspaper which I could read during commuting to & from office.I would generally go & shop at Dharavi as it is famous for leather goods.

I soon discovered that one of the fringe benefits of being  an officer in a PSU is a bag allowance.This is redeemed after one purchases a bag & presents the bill to the office.It was a pittance but still the fact that it was there, was reason enough to produce the bill.Thankfully,cash was handed over without producing the bag in evidence.There were some conditions like there was limit to the cost of the bag.Also ,it could be claimed once in every five years.Slowly ,the cost of the bag that could be brought was raised to reflect inflation.So also the period was raised to six years.The logic was that a costly bag would last for one more year ! Many did not buy any bag or suitcase & still managed to produce genuine receipts of well known shops.

Perhaps the bag allowance was meant for providing bags in which officers could carry work home.Many of the tribe believed that the moment they stopped taking work home,their bags had collapsed & could no longer take the load /s.Rules being rules,the office had to wait till the officers turn came to claim the next bag allowance.Till that time ,the office work suffered ! Just goes to show how any positives for employees can backfire on any establishment !

I have always liked big bags not small ones.I need my hands to be free to board buses & trains.Hence, my bag must acconmdate many things -almost everything .I have noticed that females who are short opt for big bags & who are tall opt for small purses.

My dad went to Chennai once & I requested him to get a purse in genuine leather from Chennai.He got one which was like a simple clutch in black leather.I never used it as it just wore out as I kept it for special occassion .The occassions came but I just forgot about using  it.

My bhabhi once got a leather bag for me from abroad.I still have it & use it for keeping some things which I need once in a while.It is still looks good though the zip has given away.

On my first trip abroad,I got some bags in pastel shades.I gifted them to friends & relatives.I kept one for myself .The one bag which I intended to use later got spoilt due to my hoarding habit which encourages me to postpone  using a thing to a later time.

When I started buying bags,I was crazy about leather.Now,I have changed & take care to buy bags made from synthetic materils like rexin ,plastic,fibre etc..When my hubby hinted recently, that I should buy a bag befitting his status ,I made my position clear.I told him, that, I will not buy a leather bag no matter how high the brand.I have joined PETA online & this was the least I could do.Apart from status,my hubby got this purse for one more reason-he expects me to carry his mobile ,his sunglasses,his passport & other knick knacks in it.After all,as a dutiful wife ,this is expected .Moreover since,he has paid for it,I am coerced into accommodating his things in my bag.

My hubby recently gifted me a branded bag.It has cost a neat sum.It is quite hilarious as the bag is quite bereft of the cash it has been paid for.It is more of  a convenience, for all in my family.Everybody wants to be hands free of goggles,cell phones,identity cards,credit cards etc. So ,I am left with the unenviable job of carrying the baggage of all !

I read, that if a woman carries a large bag ,she is carrying her baggage (read  past ) which she  is unable to detach from.What it omitted to state, was that all women, end up carrying   baggage /s of  their near & dear ones - literally & even otherwise !

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medha said...

Bags /purses are an important accessory for ladies!! Real leather purses are very expensive must do make a style read status statement!!But i would rather use pseudo leather bags which look as good ...though even these are not so cheap. One thing with me is that any new stuff i buy I have to use it as not to forget where it is stored away!!

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