Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Book Review : 60 Minutes

60 minutes is a tale set in Corporate India in the present time.It is from the desk of best selling author of 31,Upendra Namburi.He is engineer as also an MBA.He has written another book titled 8.He has a passion for writing novels on numbers.He has written for the press as also other leading publications.He lives in Gurgaon with his wife & son.

 This novel is published by Westland Ltd.There are 26 chapters spread over 361 pages.First is the acknowledgement by the author .He is thankful to his family members.He is grateful to numerous friends & the entire team at Westland who saw this book through to publication. Initial chapters are lengthy & later they get shorter.The print is small & yet convenient to read.Paper quality is good.

 Agastya is Chief Marketing Officer in an MNC .He has many rivals who envy his success.He has had too many one night stands & sometimes many night stands just short of an affair.As he gets ready to launch the most important product by his company,disaster strikes.He is on the edge.He is afraid of losing his wife to divorce.And even, the pet product launch by his company seems to be a mirage.He has just one hour or rather sixty minutes to save everything that is at stake.What will happen ? Will he be able to steer clear of the multiple threats which are looming ? Will his wife forgive him ? What about the product ? Will this lead to his losing his job ?

 Maithili is successful in work .Yet she has never felt loved.She wants revenge .Will she get what she wants ? And, she must succeed in sixty minutes.Does she manage or does she fail ?

 Sailesh is an academic who has forayed into the corporate world.He is brilliant & yet he needs to prove that he will not take things lying down. Especially when someone has taken things too far.Is Sailesh able to teach his opponent a lesson or two in sixty minutes ?

 The tale is filled with action with everything happening too fast.Trading in stocks & shares drives many crazy & creates stress .The story moves back & forth in time .This makes the tale more impressive.The tale is of rivalry in the FMCG industry.The comparison with real life FMCGs is too obvious.The novel reveals that in business,there are no permanent enemies or friends.Only permanent interests.Hence, business of FMCGs is like politics - full of backstabbing ,intrigue, etal.

Some things are difficult to digest A character who is never flirting, is mouthing dialogues ," So ,did you enjoy her,..... ? "This is degrading women.Nowadays. when women have discovered their sexuality ,it is such talk which is regressive. Maithili has lost in love.Yet ,she keeps clinging to violent love.There is no gentleness in the love and sex.It is all too violent & full of pain.It is more like a battle, with the partners getting hurt.Nobody in their right senses can maintain such relationships.

All in all ,the tale is interesting though the violent love making, adds a jarring note.

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