Saturday, January 31, 2015

Triad of desires.

My daughter is appearing for her tenth class board exams this year.And like all parents,I am on tenterhooks.And yet,what confounds me, is, what is she going to do next.She has made it clear, that she wants to go for an international curriculum for her next class.And preparations for searching that , began in right earnest.She applied.She appeared for a test.And luckily for her,she got through.Next is the financial juggernaut ! This international curriculum costs a bomb ! And I have never prepared for it, by means of insurance ! How I wish ,I had insured earlier.This insurance would have cushioned the shock or rather expensive shocks I keep getting by looking at how much I will end up paying for her studies after this class ! And expenses will just spiral, as she wants to go abroad for further studies after that ! Since there is no #SecondChance ,I better buy insurance policy for her to finance her graduation & post graduation & beyond ! And I would buy Max Life Insurance from my cousin , an agent .Killing two birds with one stone ! MaxLife Insurance plans will keep both me & my extended family happy !


I had a life long wish to visit Kashmir .I completed it in the year gone by ! Kashmir is truly blessed .It is simply breathtaking !  One can see & experience beauty everywhere .I have one more travel plan.I want to take a selfie in Bhedaghat,Jabalpur in the midst of the lake on a boat surrounded by marble on all the sides ! Builders & other anti environmentalists may start craving out all marble for their ugly buildings soon.Hence,I have to act fast & travel to Jabalpur as soon as I can as builders do not give any chance .So there is no question of   #Second Chance.I am planning to do this immediately after my board exams oops, my child's exams get over by middle of March ,this year !

 Bhedaghat ,Jabalpur.

I love icecreams.I want to spend one day eating ice creams,frozen yoghurt,kulfi falooda etc ! This would include sundaes,gelato & the like.etc,And I would like to record this activity of mine through video ! And I better do it after my Jabalpur trip as I want to travel light ! There is no #SecondChance .As  advancing age & heath concerns go hand in hand  ,I must devour   ice creams soon !

All such yummy food will show on me, is a foregone conclusion.Moreover Jabalapur selfie must be watchable with a slimmer me. Ice cream gorging video can feature me in any form.Because ,all will have eyes for the ice creams & not me !

And the icing on the cake would be   MaxLife Insurance sponsoring my Jabalapur Trip as  also my ice cream binging for buying MaxLife Insurance ! 

“This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”.

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