Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ramayana :The Game of Life - Shattered Dreams.

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 This is the second book in the series of books titled "Ramayana :The Game of Life " .The cover illustration is by Kunal Kundu.It shows a person of noble lineage having disturbed sleep.There is  an elderly noble with white hair in a chariot driven  by two  jackasses.A woman with disheveled hair  & a scary face seems to be the charioteer.This vision of the elderly noble who is afraid of being in the chariot driven by the female saarathi seems to have disturbed the sleep of the young noble.

This book 2 of "Ramayana :The Game of Life " starts with the coronation preparations of Rama as the king of Ayodhya.And before it can take place,hell has broken loose .Kaikeyi ,the favourite queen of Dasaratha has demanded that her boons be granted.After all ,she has the kings word for her boons.Does the king give in ?  Rama has to go on exile into the forest.He is not alone.Who goes with him & why ? The people of Ayodhya are heartbroken . They follow their prince & the prince gives them the slip too soon.Why does Rama slip away from his own people ?

 Back in Ayodhya,nothing is the same.Dasaratha is lamenting his misfortune.Finally,he passes away.Bharata,Kaikeyi's son is summoned to perform his father's last rites.Bharata is shocked that his mother could stoop so low.He & Shatrughna along with an entourage proceed to the forest to request Rama to come back.Does Rama return to Ayodhya ?.Bharata brings  padukas of Rama to Ayodhya . What is the purpose behind this action of Bharata ?  The book ends when Rama ,Sita & Lakshman are shifting base from Chitrakoot to Dandakaranya.Why do they leave the picturesque Chitrakoot ?

 We all know Ramayana.Yet ,this book makes it very interesting.I always thought that Rama went into exile soon after he got married.This book tells that it was not so.Dasaratha was the name given to King Nemi by the demi gods.Why & how did Nemi earn the name Dasaratha is quite a story in itself.The book also lists management mantras of Rama which he imparts to Bharata to rule Ayodhya.This is in line with modern management practice.This book makes the reader aware of many related & other small relevant tales like that of chaste Anasuya .This makes it very readable.

 The publisher is  Jaico Publishing house.The book is of 387 pages with 9 chapters.There is an author's note wherein the author opines that Ramayana can answer many of our day to day problems with simple yet effective solutions.The author is Shubha Vilas is with ISKCON .He is a motivational speaker .He is well read with a degree in Engineering as also law .

 This book is a good read for a fresh understanding of the epic, in the light of modern times.

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