Thursday, March 5, 2015

Polygamy & Polyandry.

"29.3 cr wives,28.7 cr husbands : Census bares Polygamy truth " screamed the Times of India dated 3rd March,2015.

Polygamy is illegal in India as per the Indian Penal Code.In fact ,the Indian Penal Code talks of Bigamy ( having two wives ) & not polygamy ( many wives ) .

The latest census report  says that polygamy is rampant in India.. Of course,it omits taking into account, the many sitcoms wherein the hero and or the heroine or both and many more characters keep marrying at the drop of a hat.And in serials also ,no laws seem to have been breached.After all ,they are all set in India.So true to life ,the serials are ! 

Many will argue that since only one community is immune from polygamy in India, that community is rife with polygamous men.And this is not so.In fact, as per Wikipedia,polygamy is much more prevalent in communities where it is forbidden.Many celebrities have conveniently changed faith , got married second time, & sometimes many times & reconverted back to their own religion..The complainant in polygamy  cases has to  be the person who has been wronged.And since in majority of the cases,it is the wife,hardly any complaints are filed.Because wives are rarely financially independent & judicial process is too long drawn & tiring.

 And yes,men who marry more than once are celebrities in their own way as they have made lives of more than one woman miserable .Of course,their daughters,mothers,sisters are miserable but the degree of misery varies.

Polygamy is fatal for our nation .For that matter, any nation as it gives rise to one more exploding population .As if breeding with one wife is not enough,men need many more to breed.Sickening.Sadist attitudes.Perhaps,men believe that unless,they are able to impregnate women ,they will be considered unmanly.Moreover,they want to leave their imprint / s on the world.And whatever for ? Not just imprints,they want to leave clones.Meaning ,men want wives to produce baby boys.Hence,if first wife,produces girls,marry another and continue, till a male progeny is produced.

In mythology ,many rakshasas wanted to live forever.They would do penance for decades . When the Almighty was pleased,the rakshasas would invariably ask for the boon of immortality.

Since ,in present times,men  have little patience to woo the Almighty,   they opt for the easy way out..They  want to  leave behind a son /s  who will continue the tradition.The  legacy of marrying many women for the same reason as the father.And the vicious cycle continues.

Indians think no money is much, if used for  aborting  baby girls ,etal.And the added bonus is, when the woman who was pregnant dies  too, because of pregnancy related complications.This  gives the man another reason  to get another wife,.So ,the sex ratio keeps getting screwed exponentially in favour of boys .

And  polygamy is ironically set to lead to  polyandry .Polyandry is, when one woman is married to more than one man.As the number of girls goes down ,not all boys  will find girls to marry.And so, one girl will have to marry more than one boy.Why girls & not women & why boys & not men ? Because,when nonsense is done ,it is immature & nothing could be more stupid  than indulging in polygamy & very soon polyandry.And also because,in our nation ,many marraiges are decided at the time of birth & solemnised during childhood.Already conditions are so bad in states like Haryana & Punjab  , that girls are being imported from as far as Kerela ,north east as girls are missing in towns & villages of Haryana & Punjab All , thanks to female foeticide.Next stop is polyandry.Before that ,many stages of girls & women being abducted,gangraped ,sold for sex trade & all else is bound to happen .In fact ,India is one of the largest centre of International Sex trade & especially minor girls. .This leads to additional evils like AIDs,STDs,etc.And yet,women has never been a priority for anyone ,not family not society ,nor governments.

Majority of  dowry ,eve teasing,molestation ,rape cases go unreported because ,in our nation shaming the women is tradition.More so if she is the victim.She asked for it. She must undergo all torture  ,simply because she is the weaker sex.And police are insensitive to the plight of women.Faster arrests & quicker trials & convictions are the way out of this nightmare & not the death penalty.Because death penalty is a long drawn process & justice delayed is justice denied.This is so, as delay dilutes evidence & therefore, conviction.

The worst part is whatever it is - polyandry or polygamy,the victim remains the same...the girl and or the woman.This is no country for females.And last, but not the least,I recall what my law professor told me in law college ,"Those having more than one wife are the ones who will be declared  bankrupt , not persons like you & me ." Hence,these polygamous men would ask  Government for loans &  subsidises .Watch this space !

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