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Book Review : Equinox

Equinox is a Pan Indian novel .The characters are from across India from Allepey in the south to Dehradun in north .And all have a story to tell .Or do they ? When they start writing ,they begin searching for that theme which will make them winners of the Indus contest .

Kavita nudges her friend to take part in the contest. Her friend wants to & even begins writing. Yet very soon ,things intervene & she is off to another world .Does Kavita write her story for the contest ? How does she fare ?

There is Col. Vikram Singh. He is lonely .Yet ,he feels passionate about his army tales which he wants public to know about .And so he begins to pen them down. Do his efforts bear fruition ?

Maya is alone after her divorce. She is fed up of being frugal, which is a necessity. She has to sit for an exam.Yet the cash prize of the contest & even the smaller prizes are worth it.So she wants to try her hand in story writing.Does she win ?

Monica is bored. She has a luxurious life .She wants to tell a story. Will she  weave a web of suspense or romance or something else ?

There is a couple who want to participate & tell their story. They have shifted to Pune from Goa in the aftermath of a tragedy.Pune seems to be fine till another disaster strikes & they have to begin again. Will this accident become part of their story or the earlier one ? Or maybe something completely different.

Then ,there is the Indus Team who want their contest to be the talk of the net ! There is Ramona, Meher Azam, & others.They put up a video featuring an author to do a pep talk aimed at the contestants. And they market their contest to get sponsors on board.

So many characters & their varied lives in so many places makes for an engrossing read.Who wins the contest ? Does the contest change the contestants & how ? A very different story from whatever I had read so far. A definitive read !

Madhuri Maitra

The Blurb
When Indus Publishers announces a short story competition, it affects the lives of the ensemble cast in unexpected ways. A jaded journalist, a bored housewife, a starry-eyed ambitious girl, an army colonel, an impoverished divorcee- all enter the competition for pressing reasons of their own. They emerge with only slightly deeper pockets than they had but far richer in experience. Social issues are explored in an engaging manner, entwined in the lives of the characters-this is indeed the way of life. The novel also promises an enchanting look at the diversity in India; the characters belong to different Indian states and embody the peculiarities of the people of that region. Equinox and its checkered characters step to music of their own; many readers will find that it resonates with their own inner music.

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Meet the Author

Always an avid reader, dreaming of delighting her own readers someday, Madhuri published her first two books in 2014. Haiku and other Micropoetry is a collection of short verse on nature and on life; while Equinox is a novel dealing with urban realities. While the former is pithy and thought-provoking, the latter is a simple reflection of modern lives.
Madhuri lives and teaches in Pune. Films are as close to her heart as books are; she teaches Film Appreciation in addition to Creative Writing. She enjoys bringing her favourite authors and films
to young minds. She also conducts workshops for children and adults. She has also written and published papers on films and on writing. Visit her website for details.
She is currently enjoying the monsoon, immersing herself in her personal library and nurturing
ideas for her third book.

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