Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Water woes.

This year, has witnessed a dismal state of monsoons all over India except certain states  like Assam,West Bengal  which has seen floods.In Mumbai ,it rained well the first time. And then ,the showers went on an increasingly decreasing trend.This has persisted & even on  Janmastami,there were no rains. Yet ,even if it rains heavily in days to come,they  cannot make up for so much of rains which never happened this season so far ! So, it was inevitable, that the Municipality would begin decreasing supply of water .It did .And yet, in the society of residence ,it didn't trickle a bit...the news about the water cut, that is.

Deficient rains will lead to rising prices leading to inflation.Rising onion prices are flooding tears in eyes & yet, these tears cannot make up for the water shortage !

Then  two days later, water stopped, bang at 7.30 am in the morning.All hell broke loose ! Cars were ordered to be  wiped with wet cloth & not washed daily.This invited angry retorts ! The idea is to  travel scented & booted in washed cars.Scented because after washing cars ,there will be no water left to take bath ,sorry baths !

And one lady ,when told that water has gone off ,demanded to know if information was available to others beforehand except her.This was so, that she could pick up yet another fight with society & others.The fact ,that she is forever out of the flat & the society never crosses her minds.Her demand is that sms alerts be given regarding water shortage, lift breakdown & the like.The next society meeting is supposedly being called to discuss sms & other alerts ! Some have already started developing an app to cater to all this, especially water cuts.This is going to be the demand as water shortage has become a pan Indian problem this year !

A circular was put up that due to BMC supplying lesser water than before, BMC water will available only for certain hours.This led some to suspect if all buildings of society would get water during those few hours or if partiality was being done ! Because , society allegedly favored some people & obviously some flats. Murmurs were raised about how insufficient the hours of water supply were & how it was mis planned & so on & so forth  ! Anyway, the next day, being a Saturday, water supply stopped at the designated hour.Some drivers addicted to washed cars  were arguing with the security personnel that water be allowed for washing cars.Some told security that water was being given from the owners' flat & not from common society facility.The security guard quipped ," It is the same water in the flat  as also in the common facility."

And residents have been told to close all taps lest an open tap or taps lead to water being wasted when it is in such short supply.Very soon ,CCTV cameras will be installed atop all water taps.Privacy be damned as cameras will stare & record water wasted on shitting in ,peeing in & the like ! This could lead to constipation & maybe piles ! And the solution is to drink more water ! And, yet water is in short supply.What a vicious circle, this has become !

Instructions are being given on how bathrooms need not be washed on daily basis .Yet die hard cleanliness freaks believe that bathrooms need to be sterlised by washing with water, detergents, floor cleaners, acid ,bleaching agents etal.They seem to forget that more the usage of these cleansers, more the need for water .Obviously environmental degradation follows which makes the bad , worse.

A majority of the people in the buildings of the society seem to believe,that expansion & extension of bathrooms is one of the solutions to water shortage. And hence, all concrete work is being done despite  water scarcity. After all , when bathrooms are growing  big, who is afraid of small problems like water shortage etal ? They seem to think  that water will continue to remain in plenty no matter how much we waste  it What many seem to forget, is that water is an essential source. And till another planet /s which has water is discovered, we all have to live with this water scarcity as we themselves are responsible for this sorry state of affairs. 


medha said...

correct ....days without water for mumbaikars can be hell.But it will teach us the importance of water .With many regions parched for water , it is a call of the day that we conserve water as much as we can.Even the mopping in the house need to be done once a week.

Vasudha Rao said...


There are very few people like you who understand the need to conserve water.

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