Saturday, December 26, 2015

Book Review : The Bestseller She Wrote

I had read excerpts of this latest book online.It had made me curious.I have read his earlier books & liked them.So I was all the more inclined to read this book which is a romantic thriller .And when I saw that BlogAdda had put it for book review,I applied.And I was immediately given the book to review ! 

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The book is published by Westland Ltd. The cover pages are in a lovely pastel yellow shade. It shows two faces  a man wearing glasses & a woman .Their faces are partly covered by an open book which has its pages in flapping position.The cover page states love, betrayl & redemption.It mentions that the book is soon going to be a film.

It has 392 pages. It is neatly divided into 84 chapters.Some chapters are as small as two pages.This spurred me on to read faster & faster . The author has dedicated this book to his readers .

Ravi Subramanian has written seven books so far .Al his earlier books were on banking.The readers have lapped up all his books.He has been awarded the Golden Quill Reader's Choice award & the Economist Crossword Book Award, He won the Crossword Book Award two years in continuum that is in 2013 & 2014.This latest book "The Bestseller She Wrote  "is a thriller with romance added to the thrill.

"The Bestseller She Wrote " is the tale of Aditya Kapoor who is a banker as also a successful author who pens thrillers.He seems to have the best of everything.His lovely wife Maya has stood by him through thick & thin.He has a doting son ,Aryan.His job is superb & his writing career is rising up & up.In walks, a wannabe writer ,Shreya Kaushik. And Aditya strays. Aditya 's wife learns about this.Their family life falls apart.Aditya feels repentant.Or is he just feigning it ? Is Shreya the one who seduced Aditya or was it Aditya who couldn't control his senses.Shreya is obsessive about writing a book.Does she debut as an author ? How is her book received ? What happens to Aditya's family life ? What about his job ? And what about his future as a writer  ? All are at stake.Is he able to redeem all or any of them ? Who is the mastermind ? And most importantly why ? The answers to all these queries makes for an interesting reading.

The tale is superbly written.The reader is able to read faster as chapters are short .The author keeps the plot taut.That adds to the mystery.The author takes many digs at the roving eyes of males .And  pays tribute to women who give up all to be with their families & are still taken for granted.

The characters are elated that movies will be made on the books.And yet, sometimes, there is a feeling that Bollywood should have left the book alone ! 

The  protagonist 's life seems to be obviously inspired from a real life author whose books have made him famous .He is even depicted as considering judging a show on the idiot box.The similarities cannot be missed !

An engrossing read indeed !

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