Friday, February 17, 2017

Book Review : Open Eyed Meditations

This book is the brainchild of Shubha Vilas, an Engineer with a degree in Patent law. He is a a motivational speaker, life coach & a story teller of repute ! He has authored the series of books on Ramayana-Game of Life which has become a bestseller !

 The cover of "Open Eyed Meditations "depicts the side view of a human face with neck with various colors in circular pattern as if they are the colours of the aura .There is purple, blue, green, yellow & in the centre as if signifying the eye or the deep mind, , it is red. Towards the neck, it is orange. The cover is very much in keeping with the title of the book symbolizes , the human mind which will benefit by meditating on goodness of others.

 The book begins with Acknowledgements to various people whom the author considers to be his gurus...namely, the founder of ISKON & H.H.Radhanath Swamy among others. Next is the introduction wherein the author says that this book is a compilation of wealth collected from Epics on Vedas.Though , it is inspired by Vedas, it is molded to reflect & solve problems of the world in its present state.

 The book lists problems that we encounter in todays' age in our places of work, at home, etc. It gives superb insight & ways to deal with it. Many stories from Ramayana & Mahabharata are narrated connecting the present day situations to the tales. This makes the book very interesting. Many of these tales , may have been heard & yet , when portrayed in today's  context, carry deep insight & lessons for us. The author writes that sometimes analyzing too much can bring grief & paralyse us. Our talents may sometimes isolate us & make us unlikable. He also talks about letting go & not holding on. He speaks about how X factor can influence success or mar it in spite of hard work, talent etc. He has penned a chapter on Valentine's day & the happiness quotient,both very current topics. He also talks about friendship, & how to keep it blooming in these times .One tale is about how though Jatayu  failed in rescuing Sita, he was happy. This was because the muhurta had changed as a result of Jatayu’s fight with Ravana. This  was  the beginning of Ravana’s annihilation & Sita’s return to Rama. Hence, success & failure can be misleading

 He narrates all points with tales of Krishna & Rama & how their life stories can inspire us to lead a fulfilling life ! The book is divided into  64 chapters spread over 279 pages. Short chapters goad the reader to read faster ,The synopsis at the end of each chapter summarize the ideas beautifully.The book is published by FiNGERPRINT! BEL!EF.

As the author states in the introduction , " Its definitely not a one time read but surely warrants a meditative one ."We will need to come back to the ideas in the book time & again to gain wisdom & up our happiness quotient.And thereby peace for all.

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