Monday, August 14, 2017

Book Review : Fragments

Fragments by Janaki Nagraj makes for delightful reading.Its a collection of short stories .Its an e book .I read it on kindle cloud reader. Navigation is a breeze on kindle ! And this e book was easy on the eyes as stories flowed effortlessly.

The book starts with an acknowledgement by Janaki Nagraj, the author.She has thanked Rubina Ramesh  &  Kiran Manral , both authors in their own right ! Janaki has thanked her family as well.Janaki says that writing workshops enhance skills for wannabe writers.The book has been edited by Dola Singh Basu ,an editor who excels at her job !

The stories are aptly short in length & yet, profound.The author has penned intense tales which make us ponder & wonder.The author is not preaching .She simply  lays the facts bare & leaves it to the readers to draw their own conclusions.

There are thirteen stories. All of them are told in varied fashions. Not one, is the same as the other in any which way.

Janaki writes about men as also women. And, she does not say, that, women are superior or inferior in any way. Janaki pens stories in which women as also men have virtues as also flaws. They can be cruel, dishonest, kind, emphatic, etc. And sometimes, shock our sensibilities. At other instances, the readers could be in, for a pleasant surprise.Each story is complete in itself. And yet, the reader thirsts for more !  And therein  lies, the charm of Fragments.

Its is ,as if, the author is teasing the readers by showcasing only a part of what she is capable of writing. And since, she is worthy of weaving even more tales, readers have to simply wait for her next book !  

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