Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yesterday,I read a news item "PETA under fire for culling most animals under its care."

I was informed that PETA was doing this as it was unable treat some animals as also give them up for adoption & hence was doing what it called "gives them a humane end."PETA has also confessed that some animals among those that were killed could have been treated as also could have been adopted.

I think that this confession by PETA has left me seething with anger,to say the least & also a great sense of shock.I had become an online member of PETA.I was not much of an activist in the sense of joining their street fights,morchas etc but to a lesser extent,I tried to forward some of their messages which depicted how cruel some actvities like skinning fur of animals,rat traps,etc .could be as I found those videos too revolting.I genuinely believed, that a vegetarian human world is more humane as all animals have a right to live.

The rat trap is very harmful & cruel to the rodents but, then, I am sure, that like me, many will wonder, as to how to get rid of a rodent which destroys millions of food grains year after year which could be saved & fed to the poor.But I suppressed my thoughts against the rodent as PETA endorsed that the rat trap was too inhuman for rats.I was also trying not to buy any leather goods-namely wallets,handbags etc as I felt, that this was the least, I could do, in my individual capacity, after having become a member of PETA.

Now,I am wondering, if PETA is really what it purports to stand for.Are all organizations like this ? Really,this makes me ponder, as to take nothing at face value.It is as if a lofty ideal has fallen & we all are just trying to pick up the pieces.I had thought of joining GREENPEACE online as well but then after this revelation about PETA,I may decide not to join.No, it is not, that I will start buying leather articles etc but I will become a partner only if I am convinced about something beyond doubt & not because, it has got a backing from a reputed organization.

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octa8on said...

rOrganizations are as fallible as individuals are. Probably even more so. Afterall, at the end of the day, they are all made up of human beings too.

Anyway, all news that is reported out there may or may not be true. So, I would personally give PETA benefit of the doubt and assume they are innocent until "proven" guilty. Regardless, PETA has done a lot for the cause of animals by spreading awareness of ill-treatment.

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