Saturday, April 4, 2009

Puppy love ? !

My daughter has this love for puppies.She has asked me many times if she can have a puppy as a pet.I have vehemently said "No".But she persists by asking again & again.I have to keep saying the same thing that is "No".

Once,I retorted by telling her,"The moment you get a puppy home,you,your dad & the puppy go out of the house."But she is not the one willing to give up.My husband is not one who takes kindly to having puppies messing around perhaps, because, he knows, that he along with his daughter are more than a handful when it comes to muddling the house.But the love for his daughter can at most times override whatever concerns( if any ) he has for any neatness.So he got her a small fluffy dog from a mall - no it was not a live one but a soft toy !When I protested that he was indulging her too much ,as it was quite expensive,he replied ,"At least,she will stop demanding a puppy."Really,how illogical can any man get ?But then one cannot argue with a chap who is in love - love is blind.My kid loves the toy very much but she still believes, she can cajole me into saying yes about getting a puppy home.Getting her dad to say yes is a cakewalk for her.

I asked her as to who will clean up when the puppy messes around.Her reply flabbergasted me out of my wits.She said."You."But ,then..Her argument is that as I cleaned up after she dirtied when she was a baby,it was just natural nah, obvious, that I will only be cleaning up as & when the puppy messes up.I always suspected my kid & her dad had ganged up against me & this reply just confirmed my suspicions.Her dad will eventually give in, as he thinks, this is the only way, he can show his affection for her & she knows this psychology of her dad more than the dad himself.

Meanwhile,I am bracing myself up for having three beings dirtying around with poor me to clean up!Shhhh.... I can hear some talk between the father & daughter about getting a puppy home...

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