Friday, July 3, 2009

Balloons & birthdays.

Yesterday,my daughter turned nine.So,again,we had to have a b'day party,my kid insisted.I find all this quite a task- I have absolutely no interest in all such things but then kids compel us & we have to just give in.

I told my kid that she better call girls who are staying in our building only.She gave me a list of some eight girls & I invited them all.The menu was also small -akin to the common minimum programme of our political parties which they never deliver but I am not so lucky.I had to get the cake,the wafers,the pizza & the chocolates.

So the preparations began- gave the order for the cake & pizza & got wafers, choclates, paper plates,balloons,plastic spoons,paper napkins,etal.My friend & her daughter who are very close to both of us came in the afternoon to help us- in fact ,it would be more appropriate to state that my friend works like the host & I behave like the guest on my daughter's b'day party.My efforts depict or rather display my feelings or rather lack of it for such events & more.

We hung the streamers & tried to blow the balloons- it was impossible.None of us were able to blow even a bit of air into any of them.We were trying hard but to no avail.We were just left huffing & puffing.My kid insisted, that I had got the wrong ones which I flatly refused to acknowledge as such.But I also started doubting if I had brought water balloons but then the shopkeeper was at fault, not me.Then, my kid started stretching the balloon like an elastic & then blew it up.It was superb! We were really thrilled ! My daughter showed us all how she did it & we all followed suit.All the colorful balloons were soon hanging around the drawing room giving it that distinct birthday look.

My daughter taught me that sometimes a task like blowing a balloon may also require that correct technique & may have to be learnt from somebody younger than you.In effect, a task may not be as simple as it looks- appearance can be deceptive!Any body could teach us provided we are open & receptive.Looking at the colorful balloons made me also jump with gay abandon! It was just like the balloons full of bounce ! Filled with the joy of life !

I realised , my daughter is really grown up.I wonder like all parents that my daughter is growing up too fast.After all - from the next year onwards,her age will be in two digits.

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