Saturday, July 11, 2009

The courier fellow.

The bell rang as I was just going to savor my first morsel of lunch.I get flustered with such interruptions.I whined & said to myself,"Why such things always happen to me ?I can't even have my lunch in peace."I opened the door.He was there with a bag slung from his shoulders prominently displaying the local courier company wherein he was employed.

"Madam,your courier- you have to sign here."I said,"You have to wait.I have to wash my hands."He understood & was immediately apologetic,"So sorry,Madam.I did not notice.Please tell your name & phone number & I will leave your packet on the table here.I don't like disturbing anybody during lunch."He wrote my name & phone number in his register & was gone.I was touched by his consideration.

I kept thinking about him as I ate my lunch.He was only a courier fellow but his empathy with me was just unbelievable.I realized that he was a good human being first & foremost to behave like the way he did.

Some days later,I spotted him doing his job at the office of the courier company which is on my way to the local market.Though,he was engrossed in sorting the packets,a smile played on his lips.

I bumped into him again after a few days as he had come to drop a courier at my neighbour's house. I had just landed on the floor after a shopping spree,wherein I reside,when I met him. My neighbour's home was locked & I was unlocking my house.He enquired,"Madam,has your neighbour gone out of station ? Nobody seems to be home."I replied,"No, they keep travelling between their two homes - this one & another situated nearby.""That is fine-if you don't mind,can I please write your name & phone number in my register & drop the letter in their post box?"I nodded & gave the details.I was amazed at his thoughtfulness.He slid the letter into their post box & went on his way.I sat pondering at the fellow.He was so thoughtful- he never wanted to be a bother to anybody.I felt, he deserved a better future than being a courier man.But while he was at his simple job,he was making life pleasant for all those who came in contact with him.He was delivering happiness & joy all around.I felt, that I ought to emulate at least this simple trait of smiling from him if not his thoughtfulness.Maybe, as smiling becomes second nature to me ,I would also become as kind as him.

I think,such people only make the journey called life worthwhile.

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