Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moral policing ?

As we head towards liberal attitudes in society in fact, in all norms of life,there are some  who want to play spoilsports.I am against women or girls in bikinis .I had read the past in the Illustrated Weekly of India ( remember it ? )-yes,the  weekly magazine of the Times of India which was once edited by the likes of M.V Kamath,Khuswant Singh etc .It was an interview, given by the ex-doyen of dance films,V.Shantaram.He had said that a fully covered woman is more sensuous.This thought  has always stayed with me & I wonder, as to what is anybody trying to show off in skimpy outfits.

But dressing is one aspect .There is another thing also-some people think that they are morally very upright about everything.

One  of my aunts has this grievance against my hubby who is constantly travelling on work.She feels, that my hubby is foreover crossing the seven seas & hence a paapi.She asked me on Ugadi ,"So,is it a holiday for your husband today ?" I told her that,as he was in the Gulf on that day,he was working as Ugadi is not a festivals for the Arabs there.But, she forgot to state, that, her son had gone to attend office.Her son works for an MNC with headquarters in Rome .So,they have holidays as per the Vatican, for the employees in India,  whereas, my hubby should have a holiday for an Indian festival , in a country other India,than  where he is travelling to work !

I have an Uncle,  who objects, to his wife meeting her brother,  when hubby is absent,though they are all senior citizens now ! He thinks, that except him , all are crooked in  body & mind ! He opines or rather, would have us, believe, that he is straight.The other day,when an old male relative came visiting  his son's home ,he was aghast .This was because,horror of horrors,his son was in office & his wife was alone with their six year old daughter ! So, he conveyed, his disgust to the senior citizen in no uncertain terms ! It so happened, that ,the old man was travelling to Badrinath  in the following week .So,he quipped to my suspicious Uncle ," Since ,I have sinned by going to your son's home in his absence,I am going on a pilgrimage to wash it away ! "

I feel, as long as people don't hurt others by being themselves, even if it can be termed too liberal,we should let things be.Just because,we are unable to withstand the openness,does not mean,we demean our fellow human beings.We have to learn to take things in our stride, provided, of course,it does no harm to anyone.Obviously,we cant let our imagination run riot & think of atrocious situations wherein,some disaster may strike.Hence,this talk about seedha & tedha has got to stop.Let us embrace all & walk towards a better tomorrow !

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