Thursday, April 14, 2011

Malaysia-Genting Highlands.

We had breakfast at eight  in the morning  & left in a luxury coach for the hill station.We alighted at the cable station to get into gondolas or cable cars which was to take us up the hill station.We enjoyed the cable ride as we got a panoramic view of the lush green equatorial forests below.

We were briefed about the outdoor theme park.We deposited the luggage in our hotel rooms.From there, were instructed, about finding our way through the Genting maze.All hotels are interconnected but it is all very confusing.There are many escalators before we can reach the hotel from the outdoor theme park.In fact,I had to climb up & down eight escalators when I wanted to return to my room to freshen up .In one instance,we saw a senior couple almost shaking near the escalators .Someone   from our group escorted them on the escalators.The pay commission rise in pensions can be seen in actuality - many senior citizens are busy touring India & abroad.As our tour guide advised,it is up to the person concerned, to make choices about the type of rides to take .But then escalators  are a necessity -stairs are not there at all places abroad.Maybe ,stairs are there but cannot be located easily.So ,Indian seniors should travel when they are fit .Abroad,seniors are used to escalators & other technological advances.This may be not true for a country like ours, though, now things are changing, but ,still, it is better to be cautious.

The things kept in hotel rooms are pretty & many guests just steal them ! After all,they argue that they are only stealing their money's worth ! Perhaps,this was the reason,the hotel room at Genting had listed the articles with the prices, on a list, in the room with a  a warning ,"Should you like any article,please pay & buy from the hotel ."

We entered the hill station after being  ticketed around our wrists.The tickets are the entry passes to the outdoor theme park.There were numerous thrilling rides,boating,tram rides,monorail, chocolate factory,etc. We indulged in  paddle boating ,tram rides,monorail,etal.Then ,we had lunch at an international cafe in the park itself.International cuisine is largely for non-vegetarians & so one gets too cautious .This holds true even for desserts as most desserts seem to use eggs,etc.Though vegetarianism is on the rise & many have turned vegans,hoards of people gulping down chicken,meat ,beef,pork etc does tend to turn vegetarians & vegans off food.Also,all Indian travel companies seem to take their groups to the same tourist spots as others & all breakfasts,lunches & dinners become noisy crowded affairs.The hosts continue to look amazed at the Indian tourists as Indians break queues to get ahead first & will ask information which is already displayed.One gets the feeling, that Indians are just being tolerated but this may end pretty soon, if we continue with our errant ways & misbehaviour.

After lunch,we went strolling around the indoor park at Genting.There was a boat ride akin to the romantic canal ride in Venice,Europe.There were numerous video game parlours & also other rides.We also rode in Pirates valley in absolute dark where every turn sprung skeletons & demonic figures ! As the night wore on,there was a festive atmosphere with all lights decking up the indoors.We spotted many tourist-Indians as also others from Gulf,China,Korea,Japan etal.After dinner we attended a show, which had a magician,a woman who draws on sand  & some dance & music.The woman was amazing as her drawings on sand were so life like & perfect.The tricks of the magician floored us all & we were mesmerised.Some of our group had visited the casino whilst we watched the show.Chinese are big gamblers & are known to gamble away all their life savings ! I am sure, some of our group did indulge in gambling .After all,life is the biggest gamble ,isn't it ?

We retired to our rooms & slept.Next day ,we were to depart for the city tour of Kaula Lampur .

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