Friday, April 29, 2011

Singapore :Universal Studios.

The next morning,we left for Universal Studios.This is a new attraction in Singapore, replicating the Universal Studios of Hollywood . We had been told to dress in light summer clothes as we will be walking under the scorching Sun .We had been told to carry water from our rooms.We had done that as we would need to hydrate ourselves.We reached the Universal Studios at around ten.We were instructed to meet near the entrance after we had finished visiting the numerous attractions .The time for going back to hotel was four in the evening.We were handed over our meal coupons .We were told that there were Indian meals available at Oasis ,a cafeteria in the Egyptian attraction.We were given our entry tickets & a map.The map explained graphically the various themes around the place.

We all dispersed with our families &  in groups to explore the Universal Studios.Some adventurous persons immediately headed for the thrilling rides.

The whole set up at the place is very surreal with various themes dotting the place.There is Shrek palace ,an Egyptian area with Egyptian statues,a Madagascar theme area,a dark mansion ride,etc.The roads are very wide & clean.There are toilets at every nook & corner.There are eateries at many places where one can buy cooldrinks,icecreams etc.Singapore is a place which is based on business. So outside eatables & drinks (except plain drinking water)  are not allowed in all the  tourist places.One has to necessarily eat at the tourist place at a restaurant there.

Our first stop was at a theatre where we were witness to an artificial  storm.The storm was all generated by various machines -all mechanically in an artificial manner !In a few minutes ,a calm sea side was transformed into a shattered area as all windows started banging ,the boats were dangerously capsizing ,the sea waves were rising & collapsing at stunning speeds,the noise was so much that we were unable to hear each other.This show is meant to show the public, how the storms or any natural disaster is artifically cooked up in films.It was really amazing !

We went to the Shrek Palace.We enjoyed a 4D show there.4D  means, that we can, actually feel, the bumpy rides the characters in the show  are having as they travel on seas & on roads.There was a donkey in the show & as it sneezed,the droplets of his sneeze were felt by us all

As we came out of the 4D show,we entered into the shopping area of the Shrek palace & got some tee shirts for my kid.They were very expensive but since we had already selected them ,we paid up.

Next, we took some snaps by donning various headgear which are available outside a theme area .We saw that many people were also doing the same.We then went ahead & reached the Madgascar theme area where we wanted to take some snaps .As we were getting ready to shoot,we were stopped & made to have our photos clicked by the staff of the Madagascar theme area for a price.At some places in the Studios,snaps can be clicked by tourists and at other places ,one has to necessarily pay for the snaps to be clicked by the staff.This is how business is generated for the studios.My kid was thrilled to be photographed with the animals from the Madagascar film & so it was paisa vasool !

By now,we were dehydrated though we had been sipping water .We headed for Oasis to have our lunch.We landed at oasis to discover that there was only one lunch option for vegetarians.It consisted of aloo matar,biryani,papad,bhindi fry & a jalfarezi .The jal farezi was as good as uncooked.The bhindi was raw - there was too much fibre for us to even ingest ,forget digesting !There was a kheer as a dessert.This confirmed that no hotel ,restauarant or eatery can exist without aloo matar or any form of aloo veggie.

After that ,we again started strolling around the studios.We then took a ride in a scary mansion where it was pitch dark with skeletons & scary faces staring at us where they had some lights.It was a short tram ride.After that ,we were exploring some more.My kid was overjoyed to see Kung Fu Panda .we waited to atke snapshots of all of us turn by turn.We strolled some more & then walked to the entrabce as it was time for us to depart.Some people from our travel group were already there.We exchanged notes about what we had all experienced.Skowly ,all had started returning .We made our way to the bus.We got back into our rooms for the evening tea.My brother called up to say that he would come to pick us up at seven.

The evening time was free for shopping till dinner. We had told our group that we will not be joining our group for dinner.My brother arrived & took us to Mustafa where we shopped for a school bag for my kid.Mustafa is a very confused shop.The same set ogf goods are available at different places in the whole complex.So,if you have got an object from a particular place & want to bill it another floor ,there is lot of red tape .Mustafa has things of all kinds -one has to just name it & it is there at Mustafa.The Indian salespersons & availablity of all Indian goods makes it the ideal shopping destination of all Indians.

We steeped out of Mustafa & headed to Murugun for a dinner of idlis,vadas,chutneys ,sambhar,sweet & khara pongal.The items were too tasty especially after days & nights of tandoor food.After a sumptous dinner ,we headed back to our room.My brother then left for his accomodation.

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