Thursday, May 5, 2011

Singapore : Sentosa & city tour.

The next day ,we  had a breakfast of toast & some diced yellow water melon & papaya.Yellow water melon is just like red water melon & is available in Malaysia.

Then,as many in our travel group were keen to take a ride on the Singapore flyer,we all stopped to enjoy the ride.Singapore flyer is a very gigantic wheel to which capsules have been installed.Each air conditioned capsule can accommodate 28 persons.From the capsule ,as the wheel moves slowly ,one can view Singapore city & also as far as Indonesia on a clear day.At 30$ Singapore dollars,the ride is highly exorbitant but one must experience it nevertheless.It is one of the latest tourist attractions in Singapore .The whole ride takes approximately 37 minutes but one can rarely feel the wheel moving.It is a safe & smooth ride.

Next,we stopped at Chinatown to visit a Chinese temple.There was inner sanctum wherein, we saw many incense sticks burning just like an Indian temple.The inside of the temple & even outside is very bright & red.Red is used very generously all over.Orange bushes wherein tiny & sometimes big oranges are hanging can be seen at the temple entrance.

The next stop was the Singapore gems factory.Various wall hangings which are three dimensional are on display.They make use of semi precious stones in the wall hangings.Also on display are numerous trinkets like jade bangles,bracelets,necklaces & ear rings.All in the group shopped around for small pieces of jewelery as a reminder of having visited Singapore.Then, we stopped, for lunch at an Indian hotel.

After lunch,we headed to the cable car station for going to Sentosa island.We got into gondolas & started our journey.Very soon ,we were up & could see the emerald sea below.We also saw some luxury cruise liners anchored below.The azure blue waters of the swimming pools in the cruise liners were so welcoming & we started imagining of how comfortable it must be to just laze around in a liner.After we landed at Sentosa,we proceeded to the Images of Singapore exhibition.

There are life size images of various communities like the Malays,The Chinese & Indians who immigrated to Singapore decades ago & contributed to Singapore's ethnicity.One can witness the images engaged in various tasks like trading,fish mongering etc.The exhibit is really very big . May tourists were busy taking snaps besides various images.We also took some photos.

Then we had tea at an eatery in the Sentosa island area.In,Singapore,no one cannot consume any drink and or eatable in the vehicle .Only water is allowed to be consumed at all places.In any tourist attraction,one has to consume  any thing edible and a liquid by paying for whatever is available in that place.One cannot buy eatbles and or drinks from another place in Singapore & then consume it at any tourist attraction as this would kill the business of the eatery at the tourist attractions.Moreover this, also helps keep such areas litter free. That is why, even in buses & cars ,also nobody can eat or drink anything except water.

Next,we visited the aquarium at Sentosa.This was just like the one we had seen at Kaula Lampur.One is really left wondering at the numerous varied attractions available in a country which is only a city state.In one city ,people can visit an aquarium,a zoo,botanical garden ,ride the flyer,visit the Universal studios,gamble at the casino,etc.We were unable to visit the botanical garden ,the bird park & maybe some more  places.

We also took snaps of the Merlion image -it is an  animal-half lion & half fish.It has the head of a lion & the body of a fish.One can see the white Merlion image in all displays, which advertise Singapore as one of the most sought after tourist attractions.

Our last stop at Sentosa was the laser show which was simply  spectacular ! The fireworks display at the end of the show was so dazzling that we were left wanting for more !Curtains after curtains of varying colours lighted up the night sky .The night sky  sparkled with lightning that shot up & down with regularity at intervals !

After the show,we boarded our bus to reach an Indian hotel for dinner.Dinner over,we headed back to our hotel.Next day,we shopped  in little India.We ate a South Indian meal at Komalas' restaurant.It   consisted  of rice,sambhar,rasam,papad,veggies,etc.It was at Komalas' restaurant.This eatery is so famous, that it finds mention, in   most of the Singapore tourist guides as one offering ethnic South Indian meals.The food was sumptuous.

We then headed bacjk to our room to get ready to bid goodbye to Singapore.We reached the airport to learn that flight was late but Malayisan airlines had arranged for an alternate flight to Kaula Lampur from Singapore.This was done to avoid paying for our overnight hotel stay at Kaula Lampur,in case our flight from Kaula Lampur to Mumbai left without us.This was a distinct possibility as the connecting flight from Singapore was unduly delayed.

At Kaula Lampur,we  strolled around ,had some snacks & then waited for our home bound flight. This flight was in time & we landed at Mumbai airport to witness the last overs being played in the World cup final.My daughter  saw the last ball being played on the giant screen at the airport which catapulted us to victory. As we headed home in pre - paid taxi,we saw the city celebrating the world cup win on the roads making it a traffic nightmare.

All in all, a memorable trip but incomplete as Malaysia has many more places to be seen & so also has Singapore.Maybe another  trips at a later date...


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medha said...

Very well penned down experience...Yes I do agree Singapore and Malaysia are countries I wwouldnt mind revisiting time and again!!!

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