Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vote for Akshaypatra

Akshaypatra is the boundless love for the less privileged .This is so, as it feeds the children across India sustaining them through their school years.This is a dedicated effort by all, who are associated with the mid day meal programme.

I am writing this blog post, to make readers aware, of the Chase Community Giving campaign which is going on at present.Akshaypatra has already won the round one in this contest.The second round begins on May 19th ,2011.I trust, that all will vote for Akshaypatra, making it the one charity which gets the prize money in the finals !

Akshaypatra is running decentralised & centralised kitchens at numerous  places across the breath of our country.It is truly a pan Indian exercise .It has the most hygenic & modern kitchens wherein, food for school children is prepared.It has mechanised its operations in the kitchen so that, there is the least amount of human contact.This in turn, makes it one of the best community kitchens  in terms of hygiene ! Please have a look at the video  below - this is a silent visual on the Akshyapatra kitchen at Hubli ,a town in Karnataka.

Six kitchens of Akshaypatra  have received FSMS ISO 22000:2005 certification.This is an achievement in itself, as this is the first of its kind certification given to food programme managed by an NGO in the world.Kindly take a look at the video to observe  how mechanisation can make it possible to roll out 40,000 chapatis at  Akshaypatra's kitchens in an hour !

This programme feeds 9,40,000 kids in over 15 places all over India in 5600 schools on a daily basis..This is the largest non profit feeding exercise across the world ! Just imagine, how many more children can be reached by supporting this charity ? ! The possiblities are simply immense !

The mid day meal scheme has made it possible to minimise dropping out from schools by kids.This will transform into a literate India very soon.So ,please vote for this foundation  from May 19th ,2011 onwards.

Please click on the link below  to vote for Akshaypatra as this will be our win ,a victory over illiteracy, a victory over hunger ,a victory for our future as the future belongs to our children !

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