Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Surprise !

When my kid was born,I was wonderstruck ! So small & innocent .So fragile, that I wanted to protect her from all & sundry.I would buy the prettiest clothes I saw& shower her with kisses.I would play with her & hug her endlessly.She also started showering kisses on me when she grew up a little.She would hug me tightly when I returned home from office to pick her up from the child care.Slowly & surely ,she has grown up .

And now ,I have to protect myself from her tantrums.I have to nag her for cleaning up ,for waking her up ,for her studies - in fact for everything.Nothing works unless & until I scream ! I am growing tired & still manage to nag her endlessly.Sometimes,I get the feeling that she has grown immune to my nagging & screaming.I have told her umpteen times that I will henceforth omit to nag her about everything & she can have her way.And the next moment ,I am back at the same old self.My insecurity about her future gets me & I begin afresh.

I know she has some talents.She is very creative & good at some subjects.She is extremely lazy.She would rather sleep than eat.She  wants life to be one smooth ride, on a luxurious yacht She loves all kind of trash food & is figure conscious at a tender age.I just keep wondering as to how she has grown up to be like this when I or my hubby were never like this at her age.Perhaps ,they grow faster now, in these times.She opts  for branded (steeply priced ) products.She is a geek - always  seeking out latest smart phones on the net,etc.

Of course ,I am sure, all bad habits have been inherited from her dad like laziness,postponing tasks till the deadline looms like a sword, being untidy ,etc.Moreover, since bad habits ,get formed & copied early ,there is hardly any room for  good  habits to be inherited from her mother, that is me.One may ponder about my good habits.Well, if I were to list out my virtues ,I would run out of cyberspace ! Hence ,out of concern for others so that there is space  for others to list out their virtue /s ,I am content with  stating, that I am a fountainhead of virtues !

Still, all kids surprise their parents & even themselves, by their actions once, in awhile.That is what makes parenting & hence, life worthwhile.

Her class teacher had given project work to all students in her class.One weak student was assigned to each group of students for the project work.My daughter was the team leader.She coordinated with all her team mates in the project.She also made sure, that ,the weak student spoke about the project in the class in front of her classmates.For this ,my daughter constantly tutored her, to speak, telling her about the main points to be talked about.She also explained her about the project-all this was done during school hours ! The teacher was flabbergasted that the weak student spoke about the project in front of the whole class.She was all priase for my daughter.When I went to the school for the parent -teacher's meeting,she said,"I could only give her ten marks for having made that weak girl confident enough to speak about the project in the class.If ten was not the maximum marks ,I would have surely given more !"Needless to add ,I was overwhelmed ! The teacher remarked,"All think about themselves,very few think about others."This even as the teacher commented on how many kids including my daughter did not pay attention in class about important topics for examinations,was talking as the teacher taught & so on.

Another episode took place quite recently.One boy in my daughter's class is notorious for being absent.He stays with his grandparents who manage a small shop.There is nobody to take care of the boy.He attends school when it suits him & at other times ,he is roaming  in the company of his elder brother.That boy attended school after the Deepavali holidays in December.The class teacher asked the boy to tell the class about himself.He was honest .He stated that he irritates teachers as he enjoys it.He also admitted that he hardly attends school as it is quite un inspiring.The teacher asked  the class to clap for him as he was truthful.Then the teacher said that his name had to be included as the participant in the project done by any one student of the class.She looked around in the class.Nobody raised hands.The teacher kept looking around.My daughter raised her hand.The teacher was pleased.I asked my daughter ,"Why did you raise your hands ? What were you thinking ? " Her reply," Because mama,no one else raised their hands.So ,I raised my hand." It was so simple.I had not even thought about it ! I was thrilled & the mom in me commented ," You will surely get ten on ten for the project."My kid replied,"I have got a nine already ."

I would like to believe that my kid was inspired - by me.I share all my blogposts,photos,culinary adventures,etc  on facebook.She sees me doing this sharing on a daily basis.Hence,she has learnt to share -howsoever little -as she is quite young.As she grows older, she will learn to share more, like all,  on social networking sites !So,I am quite pleased -I am sure ,your kids have also surprised you.Please share them.This is the age of   sharing - on the net !

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medha said...

Indeed was nice to hear that your child has a generous heart.....unlike adults the life of children is not as polluted. Children model the behaviour of their parents or their chosen role model inspired by what they see through various media available to them,As parents we worry about them and pray for their future and success with the faith that it helps them!

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