Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Change is positive.

Change is progress.I believe in this.That is why ,I have changed & am a better person than I was.Unless,I change my attitude,I am lame to expect the world to change to suit me.

I have tried to become a calmer person & have succeeded to certain extent.There is, still a lot to achieve, on that front.I pray & try to meditate to overcome my urges to breathe fire every now & then on the smallest instance.I feel that I am slowly & surely inching towards that goal. Initially ,I would pray & complain that the Almighty was being partial towards the world & not me.Now,I know better- my prayers have made me stronger.I am able to face difficult situations unlike before.

I have become health conscious.I use less oil,salt ,refined foods,etc.I have tried to make my kid eat healthy by making her develop taste for lobhia,rajma in addition to chhole which she loves .I also include greens in parathas so that my kid can also eat green leafy veggies. I have developed a liking for baking in microwave .I keep trying new cake recipes from the net.This baking task has boosted my confidence so much that now,I have a cookery blog wherein I share my cooking experiments.

I regularly walk .I walk to the grocery store & for buying vegetables & fruits.I use public transport whenever feasible.

I left my job to take care of my kid.As I was getting bored,I took to penning down my thoughts & soon had my blog.I share my rangoli patterns on my blog as well.My Deepavali rangolis shared on face book were appreciated by many.

Now ,that I have changed myself,I can change others.I have joined PETA online & share vegan dishes with others so that the world becomes more caring towards other living beings.I do my bit for the environment by switching off lights when not needed.I switch off lights & fans in homes where I am visiting, if I feel ,they are not needed.I Take cold water baths in summers to save electricity.I try to carry  shopping bags when I am out shopping to prevent plastic pollution.

I try to use up fruits & vegetables.I have made it a point to buy less rather than buy more & waste.If I feel ,I have brought more than what I can consume ,I share with my maids & neighbours.In these days of high inflation ,it pays to avoid wastage .

I have taken up some NGO work to do my bit towards the society of which I am a part.Since I am blessed to be healthy & contented,I feel it is my sacred  duty to help others.If I want to change the world ,then I must change myself - meaning I must progress towards being a better person than before.After all ,change is the only constant, in this Jeevan Yatra !

Image courtesy Stayfree India (Albums ) on facebook.


Seema said...

A very beautiful article....if we want to change the world then 1st we have to change ourself......nice post

Anupama K. Mazumder said...

True... the very first thing is to change oneself... and practice what we preach.

GamingGarage.blogspot.com said...

Nicely written
Well done yaar..all the best.
Also Check out mine.Give your comment on it.
Are Hijra's(TransGender) not a Human being.?

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