Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jeevan Yatra.

Life is an incredible journey.We all go through it . The moment ,we are born ,our journey has already begun.Some may, even say, that it begins when a life is conceived in the womb.So ,we all go on this yatra from birth till our demise.

Our school,the games we play , marriage or bachelorhood,job ,business,work, leisure all play a part in this journey.In other words ,the journey is itself fantastic, with so many views & milestones en route.We may not always agree, as we seem to give more importance to the job,promotion,educational achievements et al rather than our jeevan yatra.We all experience failures, disappointments,successes,elation,etc.All these experiences teach us, though, we may not be, always willing, to learn & absorb it.

Sometimes we travel for meeting others,for family functions,for school reunions,for an emergency ,for fun ,for exploring etc.Some trips are planned, while others just happen.Some trips are with family ,some with friends & some are trips, on which, we travel alone.

Our life trip begins with our birth.Next, is our schooling, followed by college,a job maybe ,marraige,then our generation next-their hopes,aspiration which includes educating them & their marriage.By this time ,we are tired & want to retire.In all these years of our journey ,we lose many loved ones whose trips have ended.We  are full of hope, for the newborns, whose journey has just begun.

We learn a lot by our journeys.We learn, that we must love, not hate.Hatred has no limits & it causes pain.Love is limitless & brings us closer to the Almighty.Hence,even if ,one is an atheist & loves all ,then he is a devotee after all.

I have also had my share of joys & sorrows.I still whine over my sorrows forgetting too often the many joys I have been blessed with.Sometimes,I feel ,I am in a hurry, to complete this journey of life.Thankfully ,God has other plans.

I have a good family life.I am healthy .I have taken up new tasks like writing ,baking ,etc.I am an avid reader.I have developed a sense of humour & try to be cheerful.I have many negative traits as well namely that , I am a pessimist.I am impatient.I scream & talk loudly as if the world is deaf.I listen to the radio  loudly so that all my neighbours are forced to hear it.I keep thinking about the  future, instead of living in the present.I have to overcome these traits to become better.

For this,I have to learn to accept, that I am human & can fail many times & in many ways in varying fields.Failure just means that I can try & do better next time.As one of my friend says, that all experiences -teach us .All are for learning.

I must be mentally as also physically fit to learn as I continue this jeevan yatra.I must eat healthy & stop worrying.I must just do, what is to be done, in the best way,that  I can & watch the miracles unfold !I must learn something new, each day, to stimulate myself  to enlighten myself.Life's journey would then  become wonderfully incredible !


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