Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vegetarianism is humane

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I am a vegetarian .As I grow, I believe & trust in vegetarianism all the more. Vegetarianism is about health, hygiene, kindness etal ! Recently, newspaper reports stated  " It’s official: Vegetarians outlive the meat eaters."Many people are of the opinion that they are better off without a long life in this bad world & might take to non -vegetarianism just to end their life faster. Non -vegetarian food is slow poison, which brings early death to the prey & those  gorge the prey.

Please take a look at this video by PETA to understand the basic reasons to convert to Vegetarianism -

'If I had the power to change something, I would change the eating habits of people.’ The world is going vegetarian with a vengeance & that just proves that vegetarianism is the way to go, for mankind. I am a vegetarian & so , I am less prone to heart diseases as my diet devoid of meat & flesh does not clog my arteries with cholesterol .Vegetarian food helps in decreasing risks of type 2 diabetes,cancer & other grave  health disorders. My plant rich food gives me fibre which makes me feel full & hence ,I  tend to eat, not overeat. This helps me stay lean not obese, which is a problem with a majority of those who feast  on meat, fish, etal. Vegetarian diet helps maintain a good body mass index.

Many animals whose flesh is consumed are diseased & these diseases get passed on to the humans who consume such food. Examples are salmonella, the mad cow disease to name just a few. Moreover, most of the flesh, meat includes poops of the animals & that also gets eaten with the meat. This is most unhygienic & disgusting! 

The animals are slaughtered in the cruellest ways to satisfy our hunger. How can we eat those ,who has been butchered? The animals are fed grains to make them obese, so that more meat is produced & then killed ruthlessly just for feeding us. This is inhuman & unkind. As humans, we must be humane. Our inherent, inborn tendency is to be vegetarian as we have long intestines .In our long intestine, non- vegetarian food stays longer & rots .We will not consume rotten food & yet, allow food to rot in our tummies ! This is illogical. Carnivores -like tiger, lions etc have short intestines where meat tends to stay for a shorter period & therefore , does not rot.

Animals also feel pain when they are butchered, pricked, strapped, stripped, skinned, for their skins, horns, nails, etc. Hence, we must also avoid products made from fur, leather, pearls, bones, etc. Only then, will our vegetarianism be truly complete.

Vegetarians make for a sustainable environment, as to feed one vegetarian, less land is needed -less than one acre. On the other hand, more than two acres of land are needed to feed a non -vegetarian. As humans eat animals, the carnivores like lions, tigers, cheetah, will reduce in numbers as we are consuming their prey. This will harm the ecological balance which is already fragile. The chicken, pigs, cows, fish need more & more food to feed them so that they can feed us by becoming our meat. This means more land for feeding these animals & also more water. In effect, the non -renewable sources like land, water, air are getting polluted by the waste of these animals & that is bad news. So for a sustainable environment, we all should become vegetarians.

In fact there are many more reasons to give up meat,fish,eggs,& go vegetarian.For a start towards vegetarianism ,the aforesaid reasons are sufficient.Once,a beginning is made,one will discover advantages upon advantages.There will be, only one way -to go forward & become a vegan. 

To mark the beginning, if I had the power to change one thing, I would like -nah love, the people to convert to vegetarianism. After all, it symbolises affection, love, kindness towards all the living beings with which we must all co -exist .This will make our world a paradise in the true sense!


JANU said...

I love being a vegetarian. Nice article Vasuda.

vasu said...

Thanks,Janaki. I feel, that we humans were born to be vegetarians & that is why we must be, what were naturally meant to be.

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