Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wish me luck !

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I was fed up of getting irrelevant jobs in my mail box .That too from the job portal of an esteemed daily.Still, I wanted to see what was on offer this time around.It was something that was unbelievable ! The job offer appeared to have been created for me - it fitted me like a T ! So wonderful ,it felt ,to realise, that even after half a decade of leaving a job in the Public Sector,I could apply for a position which was so very apt.I applied for it as I had the experience & the qualification that it called for.More over, this position is one wherein I will be judging certain sets of actions.I am so lucky ! I mean ,we should never be judgemental for our own peace .Yet ,if I get this job , I am officially the judge & get paid for judging others's actions which I am doing day in & day out on a honorary basis !  On second thoughts,this offer can be for  all of us,as all of us  are experts on judging others . I am anxiously awaiting that elusive interview call.Elusive, because though it is suitable ,I doubt, if I will get a call, after a gap of more than five years.I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for this one !

I have a whole lot  of wishes, on which I am keeping my fingers crossed.To put it another way,by now ,my fingers have become so tightly wound up, that they are going to stay crossed for ever !

My maid's son has lost vision in one  eye.The diagnosis is, that this was, the result of a dog bite, which was not fully cured or rather neutralised by anti rabies.The source of infection led to the loss of sight.To prevent the remaining eye from losing vision ,he has been put on steroids.The treatment is nearing completion now.I have repeatedly told my maid that I will help her financially if the boy needs surgery or other expensive treatment.My maid & her family & even I,are keeping our fingers crossed, that the boy's vision is saved & even returns in the eye which lost it  though this looks highly improbable.There is charm in wishing for miracles,isn't it ? !

My daughter has started reading - no she did not join school now.She joined years back.I meant reading books which was never her hobby .Now ,she has suddenly developed a huge liking for novels  & books.I am loving it though I feel that she is reading all this by neglecting her studies.Still,she is doing well in some subjects & badly in others.I  & her father are  keeping our  fingers crossed so that she gets into a good college wherein she can study well.We are keeping our fingers crossed so that she is able to take care of herself when we are no longer there !

I am keeping my fingers crossed for a dream house which will have a garden full of blooms & a huge kitchen which will be  filled with the wonderful aromas of baking cakes & steaming dhoklas ! I want to do a world tour , when I am still young maybe ten  years from now.I want my blog to get maximum hits -so that I know ,I can influence people. In fact ,I know it already - only my would be readers are yet to realise it ! I am keeping my fingers crossed for winning one of those short story contests so that all know that a new writer has arrived !

I think ,I ought to conclude now.This is  to stop  my fingers  from  typing on the key board.Then, I can keep my fingers crossed, to direct all good fortune towards my wishes !


NBose said...

Nice wishes...everyone has these small wishes for which we 'Keep our fingers crossed' :-)

landed here from Blogadda.

vasu said...

Thanks a lot, for your comments.

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