Saturday, March 16, 2013

The blue file

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 A young executive was nervously biting her nails.She had just been reprimanded in front of her colleagues & bosses & many who were outsiders.The outsiders were the the claim settlers.The claim settlers are the ones who settle insurance claims after processing the insurance claims.

 The executive,that is Sia was just staring into space-thinking hard.She tried to visualise the sequence of events.She & her colleague had made all preparations for this meeting.They had to go by what their lady boss,the Manager had told them to do.They had drafted letters,got them signed after corrections & re corrections by the Manager,kept the papers ready in files,numbered the files,& kept all other papers related to contentious issues in one blue file.Everything had been shown to the Manager.Her approval was sought & then only all papers & files were neatly piled in the conference room.

 The manager was too overbearing.She was just passing orders while she chatted & pushed the files.She never tried signing anything remotely related to claims .She was afraid of getting caught by Audit,Vigilance etal. She signed only reminder letters ,bills which were checked & rechecked by accounts departments ,etc. Sia had been scolded many times for her letter drafting.The manager would often wonder loudly if Sia attended school as the manager opined that Sia's drafting skills were pathetic & overflowing with errors-grammatical & even otherwise.Even Sia's collaegue had to bear many such brickbats.Both Sia & her colleague just managed to bow their heads & nod whenever their boss fired them.They had no option.After all ,she was the boss.Their promotions were  at her discretion.

 Sia's collegaue ,Shashank asked her,"You are sure,the file was in the conference room ? " Sia nodded & yet she failed to understand how it disappeared from there. Shashank & Sia started rummaging their tables,the cupboards ,the tables of their neighbours & yet the file, just refused to be traced.Their colleagues opined, that it must have gone to table of the General Manager.A clerk was sent for to search it there.The blue file was not there as well.

 Shashank said,"Sia ,I think one last ditch effort is to go & ask our boss if the file is on her table."Sia looked at Shashank in disbelief. Sia argued,"Shashank ,she has fired me & now if I go & ask her if that file is on her table ,she will throw me out of the office .Shashank said "What is the  harm in trying ? She is addicted to scolding us.We have to find the file.She is not going to search for us.That is our job."

 Sia very reluctantly knocked on the door of her boss' cabin.'Come in ,Sia." her boss called out."Sia,please collect that blue file -it was lying in my cabin.You never told me ,it was here ." Sia collected the blue file & walked out of the cabin. Shashank asked "Did the Manager apologise ? " Sia said ," No ,she said that we never told her that we had kept the blue file in her cabin " Shashank said,"Yeah,now I remember.We had taken the file for her approval.She said that we must leave the file on her table & she will get back to us." And she did get back to them & how .Both Sia & Shashank had a good laugh  because they had got the file back.They knew ,next time around,any papers go missing,the first place to search would be the Manager's cabin !


Purba said...

And the mystery of the missing blue file was solved!

vasu said...

Yes,it was & there were no apologies !

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