Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The women in my life !

This is my blog post entry for Celebrating Girls,Celebrating Women contest on Women's web. 

When I was born ,my dad was away, with his friends.My paternal granny was very angry with my dad & she chided him no end.My paternal grandparents who stayed with us were thrilled with me -the first grandchild ! I was pampered no end.The birth of a girl ,  that is me ,was a cause of celebration !

I was brought a bottle to drink milk when I saw my baby brother sucking from a bottle & screamed for it.My granny would filter chaas or curds for me as I hated malai  which I do, to this day ! They wanted me to have curds -perhaps to cool me down. Gran would soak jalebis in water to soften them as I refused to eat hard jalebis ! All would comment ,"You are spoiling the girl ".And my gran continued to adore me.As I would retort back & argue at every statement ,many said that I was like my gran.The real test for my grandmom  was when I came of age.We are a very orthodox sect.So ,I was told to sit away for three days.One of our family friends learnt about this & talked to my granny.Next time onwards,I was treated normally as on other days of the month.Looking back,I feel ,my grand mom was simply waiting to embrace the new age beliefs that period or not ,a woman is the same, on all days of the month.

My bua or atya wanted a girl child.She became mother to two boys .This made her more near to me as she thinks I am her daughter as well.I am the only girl child in my family as also my bua's family.When I got my job,I brought sarees for my mom as also my atya. My bua was overwhelmed & she went about declaring this to the world ! Even now ,she buys clothes & other things  for me & I in turn, keep her in mind when I go shopping.Sometimes,we even shop together ! My bua could not study beyond school as money was hard to come by .That was the reason, she complimented me, when I became a double graduate .She feels, that it is she ,who has graduated not once but twice !

My mom has supported me through thick & thin.She keeps chiding me for arguing & fighting with my hubby & kid.She has taught me to cook & most important ,she still searches things for me when they are supposedly lost - which is most, of the times ! She took care of my baby while I went to office.She is very level headed & has ensured that I act practical, in life !

My  saas or mother in law is a gem of a person ! Whenever I go to her home,I just sit idle & gorge on food.I never get to do any work as I visit her once in a while ! She is thrilled, that I manage to wrap a saree on myself on occasions.She is content with the fact, that I am there, to take care of her son.

My bhabis are very understanding & we are like friends exchanging notes on kids,their studies,recipes,jobs,hobbies etal.In fact,sometimes,I feel more closer to them than to my brothers !

My only child ,a daughter & my neices ( again -the only child in their families ) are the youngest members in our families .My daughter was named by her paternal grandpa as she was the first girl grand child .The way they get treated, makes me wonder ,who is being discriminated & how  ! My daughter eats very few things- so bhindi fry is a weekly item through the year ! Another is paneer & chhole. Just for three persons,I end up cooking so many things.It is frustrating.I & my hubby have to keep adjusting to my daughter's whims & fancies.Even, when we go out for dinner,my daughter makes it very clear that she would prefer Punjabi or pizza or burger & we both end up eating stuff which she loves ! If this is the condition of the food ,one can imagine that all other things also are her way only.She is forever on her smartphone though she is a teen.My husband keeps chiding me that I must discipline her.He cannot do as he is busy touring,he says.The real reason, is that he cannot bear to annoy her & be in her bad books.

My neices are very loveable & affectionate just like other girls.They are doted by their grandparents,parents & all others.I am sure ,positive discrimination ( enshrined  in the Indian Constitution) favouring girls  & women  which is part of our family tradition, will continue to get stronger by the day ! Well ,this is what celebrating girls,celebrating women is all about !

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