Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book Review : Ramayana - The Game of Life : Rise of the Sun Prince

Reading this book on Ramayana made me very nostalgic.I have read Amar Chitra Kathas & other books on the Ramayana.So many stories are interwoven in the Ramayana.I tried to absorb  the subtle details & revelations made by Shubha Vilas,the author of the book.This is book I, of the series of books on the epic, Ramayana.

Shubha Vilas is a motivational speaker.He is an engineer .He also has a degree in law with a specilisation in patents.He applies the teachings of ancient scriptures to modern day lives.He encourages students and the youth towards better spiritual lives.

Jaico Books is the publisher .Jaico Books publish books on fiction as also non fiction.The paper quality is good .The book cover shows Rama aiming arrow at the sky .In the sky ,a roof of arrows has been made.Above the arrowed roof ,are the demons with ferocious faces.Sitting very near to Rama, are the rishis conducting yagnas .Another person is aiding Rama, in fighting the demons above.He is dressed like Rama though he is of fair skin, unlike Rama, who is of shyam varna.

This book I, narrates the story of Ramayana from the birth of Rama till his wedding to Sita.The tale begins with Valmiki muni.His story is narrated.Next, it goes on to narrate many tales  about various characters who are an integral part of the great epic.

There are many short notes throughout the book which explain the terms & the reasoning.This makes the narration very interesting.I had read that Sita & her three sisters were married to Rama & his three brothers.This book states that Sita had one sister & her Uncle had two daughters & that's how Rama & his brothers got tied up in holy matrimony.These small details are like the icing on the cake ! I learnt that Vishvakarma had made two bows ...one for Shiva & another for Vishnu.These fine subtilities made me read further & further.

The book begins with  a Dedication by the author to the numerous people who helped him in coming up with this book.Next is the index.First, is the acknowledgement wherein the author admits that he is unable to thank all, who helped him in his en devour to write the book.This is followed by the author's note.The note states why he wrote the Ramayana which almost, all Indians know.Why Ramayana continues to fascinate him, every time he reads it.Then the book begins .There are nine chapters.Each chapter is further divided into small headed paragraphs.

After the ninth chapter ends,there is an appendix titled " 24 qualities that make a hero ".This is followed by chapter 1 of the Book II in the series titled "Shattered Dreams ".

I loved the narration of the epic.The author rightly says that, the epic teaches us many things, about leading a spiritually uplifting life.It tells us,  what is the  virtuous life of a King ,a queen ,a householder,a wife,a father ,a mother & so on. I felt, as if I read the Ramayana in a new light ! 

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