Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Film review : Mardaani

Maradaani is the latest offering from Yash Raj films.It is directed by Pradeep Sarkar of Parineeta (Vidya Balan's debut film ) fame.Produced by Rani Mukherjee's hubby,Aditya Chopra.It stars Rani Mukherjee ,a new talent Tahir Raj Bhasin,Mona Ambegaonkar,others.

The story is about a tough police woman ,Shivani Shivaji Roy.She is senior Inspector ,Crime Branch Mumbai police.She breaks bones without batting an eyelid.She has a niece & hubby at home.The niece's buddy ,a  flower girl who sells flowers on the streets goes missing from an orphanage.Shivani starts her search.And the bodies start piling up.This alerts her that ,her missing teenager is caught in a sex trafficking racket.The stakes are high.Her family is hit because she dares to trace  the girl.She moves to Delhi as the villain is located there.In Delhi,the police chief is apathetic like the society. The villain is   burger,biryani  & coke hungry .A video game addict He knows the moves & the tricks of the trade.He tries to threaten Shivani & yet her mission to find the missing teenager does not falter.Does Shivani manage to get the racket exposed ? Is she able to rescue the teenager or is it, too late ? Who is the kingpin  ....the suave villian or is it some one else pulling the strings ?

There is just one song in the film....sung by Sunidhi Chauhan.The  lyrics of the song too strong & convey the message that all must fight back.

 The story is of flesh trade.This movie raises  awareness about the lurking dangers of flesh trade .It is rampant the world over & especially, in India.If people think ,it happens to girls of the lower classes,it's time to have a re think.Sex trafficking is endemic across all countries,all colours,all races,creeds,etc.Majority of the victims are women & children..The  Boko Haram kidnapping of girls who were converted to Islam & sold off is a case in point.In Iraq,Yazidi girls are being kidnapped by ISIS jihadis for trafficking.Not that other places are left out.Nepali & Bangladeshi girls & women are lured by promises of better life & sold into the flesh trade in India.India is the major transit point.Wikipedia As per  estimates,3 to 4 lac people are trafficked in Asia.More than 30,000 kids go missing in India annually.Only a third are traced.This is apart from those, who are sold off by people the victims trusted and or others.Some are kidnapped & still  others are lured by promises of better life.

Kindly support organizations which are trying their best to end suffering & bring succor to the sex trafficking victims.Prajwala is one such NGO doing laudable work in this regards.Support for PRAJWALA can be given here .

The film also exhibits how technology is being abused to sell girls.Tabs & tokens are used to select girls vide their profiles etal .Someone rightly said," Progress is not WiFi at every street.Progress is, when no 13 year old girl is sold  at any street."

Please feel free to leave the links of NGOs who are working with sexual trafficking victims in the comments below.


medha said...

Seems to be a good movie ..though only above 18 can watch it.I think teens should be able to see this after all such news is always in the media anyways.

What do you say?

Vasudha Rao said...

Yes,Medha.I am unable to understand why this movie got Adults only certificate.There are so many other movies who have got away with U certificate even though they have much more violence & sex !

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