Friday, October 17, 2014

Society woes

Dear Managing Committee,

I would like to thank you all, for beefing up security at the society .So much so, that I & many others just short of missed casting their valuable votes at the recently concluded State elections.

I learnt that the society wherein, I reside has become impregnable through  word of mouth publicity .From the returning officer at the polling booth, where, I had gone to cast my vote.I was ranting that I had registered umpteen times & yet,the voters list remains bereft of my name.My rant was heard by the officer on duty.She proceeded to ask my address.When I stated the society name ,where I stay,she shot back,"Your society banned our entry at the gate itself.So ,we had to deposit all the voter ID cards with  the security ." She allowed me to vote ,as she located  my name in the voters list.

As I was returning after casting my vote,I asked the society security about voter ID cards & I was handed a bunch of 10-15 voter ID cards.I collected mine.I was told that the cards had arrived the day before.The society omitted to inform that the voter ID  cards had arrived & were in the custody of the society ( or the security who are handling it as per instructions from society ).I am sure,voter ID cards issued at the time of National elections must  be lying with the society as well.

The Government is truly  impressed with the security measures taken by the society.In fact,NSA ,Army & Paramilitary forces will be soon be  trained by the managing committee of the society ! Really ,the society is going places or rather the members of the managing committee are ! In fact,the society committee members who thought of making this society an impregnable fort ,will soon be posted at  the national borders, for obvious reasons !

Almost all the time ,one flat or the other is being renovated or repaired.Old & infirm are unable to rest as walls,plinth,etal are hammered down.It is like a new flat/s being built...oops sorry being rebuilt.I fail to understand as to why renovate or rebuild a flat which was brought say four to five years ago ? If there was even an iota of doubt that  the flat was going to be wanting in any  way,just buy some other flat ,more suited to the needs.And to think, that would be a simple solution is so foolish of me.

Buy a flat.Start breaking it down completely Noise ,dust & other pollution be damned.The society permission is a tame affair.The argument is, since others did it before them ,all can do extensive repairs,even if it damages the building ! After all ,all who repaired and or are renovating swear by team work.They wouldn't want the building to go down without their efforts at aesthetics of their flat/s.POP is the name given to most of the repairs that are being done in flats Plaster of Paris  work  is creating false ceiling etc.Now ,since all the emphasis is on false,can truth ever come out !

The society has eyes only for security & none for the building.With such an attitude,very soon ,the building will bite dust.And the managing committee will move to another society to beef up security there !

I am sure, that this letter will be abandoned just like the voter ID cards as the committee members attend an important meeting on security ! To investigate, how a tenant in a society flat has the audacity to  even address a letter to the society  ? !

Thanking you,

A tenant.

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