Friday, June 19, 2015

Daddy dearest !

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.

I call my dad ,appa .He has been my support system for so long ,that now he seems to be a part of me ! When I wanted to opt for Medical entrance tests ,he sold his stock in shares to fund my medical test tutorials. He brought me a girls cycle & expected my brother to learn on that ! I never learnt though my brother did ! When I studied for Civil Service exams ,he insisted that I eat eggs to get nutrition in a Brahman household.I detested it .

 My first diamond ear rings were gifted by daddy  ! Appa has spoilt both his granddaughters silly !

 Appa has been hospitalised quite a few times.Each time ,he has been in a hurry, to return home !

 At home , he is forever organising,dusting & cleaning up. He is so excellent at updating addresses & contacts that all in the extended family depend on him for addresses of forgotten relatives & friends ! He loves attending family functions & reunions of friends as well.Nothing cheers him as a gup shup ! The fact, that no one in family shares his enthusiasm for attending social functions upsets him no end .He starts giving sermons .This is followed by emotional blackmail till all fall in line ! On second thoughts, he wants to attend functions so that he can expect the near & dear ones to return the favours done .And when that fails to materialise, he sulks.

  Appa has a weakness for collecting folders, boxes, containers ,etal That all such items gather dust & space ,hardly bothers him ! Dad   is a foodie to the core, despite his failing digestion & advancing age. He craves for sweets, on a daily basis. And he buys fruits in bulk.Next, he cajoles all in family to eat fruits lest they get spoilt ! After all ,he says ,fruits are excellent for health ! He forgets that excess is bad, be it fruits or anything.Because of him ,we are extremely health conscious eating less of trash & more healthy foods !

 He is a yoga enthusiast & religious attends yoga sessions on a daily basis. I have taken up yoga on his recommendation & found that it really works wonders ! .He is forever correcting me on postures & breathing..He complains of paucity of time for reading even newspapers & yet, he has read books on yoga ! We feel that Appa exercises beyond his capacity as he takes long walks in evenings & mornings as well.This in addition to yoga daily.And yet ,refuses to heed our advice.He prefers public transport .His frugal ways have made such an impact that I seldom use autos and taxis.

He says ,"Waste not ,want not." Any wastage, is enough to incur his wrath.He will rarely switch on the fan .And he is constantly on the move putting off all electrical & electronic devices which have been turned off.

 He is prone to depression one time too many. Appa gets upset quickly. And yet, when he takes up anything ,he steers towards its complete fruition ! He has accepted old age with dignity. Appa has distributed his wealth with his children .He has magnanimously helped extended family members & friends with much needed finance .And ,he has never ever expected returns !

 He is tech un savvy. Appa would rather talk in person ,than chat on the social networking sites !.He gets terribly upset if the phone goes dead. Many in the family & amongst his friends have tried to teach him to use the internet & failed. This is because, he will constantly look up his wrist watch to exclaim ,"See ,how much time is getting wasted.I better attend to my chores ."He is more busy after retirement than while he went to work !

 I share whatsapp jokes with him though he wonders how so many people can idle away on whatsapp.I love it, when he laughs heartily at the jokes . After all ,a family that laughs together,stays together !

My dad needs a hug for each of the many qualities he has . And also many more hugs for so many things he did, just for me. And some more hugs for those things which I have forgot to add as this blog post could then turn out to be never ending ! And some more hugs for just being there !In sum total ,hugs which continue back to back ! 


Anonymous said...

A representative assessment of good order. Nice. Happy Father's Day. R.G.N.

Vasudha Rao said...

Thank you !

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