Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The candy floss boy .

I was travelling in the local train today, after a really long time at around 11 in the morning. I was returning from Navi Mumbai .The train was quite empty. I got to sit  as soon as I boarded the train.And then I spotted him. The candy floss boy. He was a kid, with a stick ,on which, were mounted nearly 30-40 long packets of candy floss . And, they were ,in an attractive shade of pink ! And we were, in a ladies compartment.

The kid was dressed in a bluish green tshirt & pair of blue jeans. He also wore an undershirt which had black & white checks.He had almost shaved his head bald.Perhaps, because  it was very hot & humid.

He started selling his wares. He was screaming ," Candy le lo "......He saw that nobody seemed interested in buying. He started approaching the ladies,one by one " Didi,le lo candy." And " Hello ,Didi ,candy lo." All the passengers were amused with his marketing. He went on ,"Ek bar loge, toh bar bar loge ."One didi started bargaining.He quipped ,'Ab bache ki jaan loge kya ? ! "Meaning will you now take away life from the kid ( that is himself ) by demanding candy floss at a throwaway price. "

Then he approached me ,"Didi ( I was on cloud nine ...I mean, I had  hennaed my hair just last night  & that had transformed me into didi from aunty overnight ! ).candy le lo." I was touched for obvious reasons stated before.I told him to stand there with his wares so that I  could click his snap .I did that & brought one packet of candy floss. I put it in my bag & paid him the money.

He proceeded to other buyers. And , many  did buy his candy floss. One woman told him ," The candy floss has melted so much in this packet.Give me the less melted one." He offered her three packets for the price of two ! And needless to add, she was overwhelmed !

And then the candy floss kid started singing a popular song ,'Tera dhyan kidhar hai,tera hero idhar hai....." It means ...'Where are you looking...your hero is here "He sang it to draw attention to himself selling candy floss ! And he succeeded ,as he  sold many more !

My destination had arrived. I alighted & started missing the candy floss kid !

He is like sunshine shining bright .Though he has got so little, he was full of good cheer ! He was enterprising in his own little way. Maybe, poverty teaches survival tricks to even the youngest of kids. Anyway ,he made my day !

And I am sure,if you meet him in the local any day,your day will be made ! And do remember, to buy a packet of candy floss from him . 


Rubina Ramesh said...

So cute Vasudha.. I remember the songs of these little ones too. Some of them have such melodious voice! Laughed at your hennaed hair annecdote :D.. and errr... relatable.

Vasudha Rao said...

Thank you ,Rubina Ramesh for your generous comments !

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