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Book Review : The Seventh Cup

The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Kumar  Jain is a story set in Switzerland and Goa. It starts from a college campus where it describes the bonhomie of students. Slowly, it builds the romance brewing between Verona, a Swiss girl & Avinash ,an Indian student. Is this romance one sided or both are in love ? Verona has a boy friend back home. Avinash is jealous . Avinash is a good writer. He scripts the play which is enacted by Verona ,himself & others. And then Verona is gone. Avinash is heartbroken.

The scene shifts to Switzerland .The story now transforms into a thriller .Verona is missing. A group of students are in Switzerland to study archeology. And suddenly ,an Indian girl Ria, in the group dies.She has committed suicide. A husband & wife duo are searching missing persons .Verona's case is being handled by the wife detective. Does she succeed in searching Verona ? Avinash states that though he filed the missing Verona's complaint, he wants to withdraw as Verona meets him daily. And yet ,nobody seems to have seen her since quite some time . Is Avinash day dreaming ? Is Verona alive ? If so ,where is she ? Was Ria killed .If so ,who killed her & why ? And ,what is the seventh cup ? Is it significant ?

It starts with Chapter zero & ends in Chapter 10. There is Prologue & Epilogue as well.It has 312 pages & for Rs 300/- it is reasonably priced.It is printed at Repro India Limited.The e book format is easy to navigate & neatly spaced out.

There are elements of mind transportation ,laws of attraction etc in the story. It is neatly woven & makes the reader think in the direction of supernaturalism,magic et al.The pace builds up slowly & surely .The reader wants to unravel the mystery & yet ,the author keeps up the tempo . All in all ,an edge of the seat thriller !

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The Seventh Cup
Nitesh Jain 

The Blurb

A student of history in Switzerland goes missing.

A man drinks exactly seven cups of coffee everyday in the same restaurant and believes in Mind Transportation. Two newly married Swiss detective agents arrive and begin a shocking tale of love, friendship, betrayal and death. From the colorful coasts of Goa, India to the enchanting backdrop of Zurich,Switzerland, the mystery of Verona Schmidt baffles everyone. With shocking twits and turns in every chapter, The Seventh Cup might just have the addictive flavor to stir the readers mind...may be forever !!!

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Meet the Author

Nitesh Kumar Jain (1987) spent his childhood days in the beautiful state of Assam in India and pursued his schooling at Carmel School, Jorhat. Later he went to BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa Campus. He graduated as a Chemical Engineer in the year 2010 and worked as a trainee at Aditya Birla Chemicals inThailand for six months. He did his post-graduate work in Chemical and Bioengineering from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and later (2012) worked as an intern at BASF AG, Basel. During his two-year stay in Switzerland, he conceptualized his debut novel, The Seventh Cup.

Apart from writing he loves photography and travelling to new countries to explore different cultures. Nitesh has visited several countries during the past few years such as Thailand, Switzerland, Italy, Germany,France, Austria,The Netherlands. He wish to visit Turkey, Australia and the Nordic countries in the coming years. He believes in the saying by Paulo Coelho: When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!!!

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The Seventh Cup
Nitesh Jain 

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