Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Subsistence !

MPs enjoy food subsidy worth crores was a headline in Times of India dated 23rd June,2015.

.This information was brought to light as activist S.C Agarwal had posed an RTI query.As per the reply received, our elected netas get cheap food in the canteen of the Parliament house. Actually ,cheap is incorrect. Cheapest ,it is. Where else in India ,can anyone get a three course lunch for a mere Rs 61  ?

And the same MPs had serious reservations about   regarding the Food Subsidy Bill  . On second thoughts ,they knew that food subsidized goes waste .In fact ,it adds to the widening waist / s of the honorable members of Parliament. ! Is it any wonder, that when they get desserts like Khubani ka meetha at  dirt cheap rates  of Rs 15 /- ,it will be gobbled up too soon ? After all ,Kal kisne dekha hai ? 

In 2013,netas,Raj Babbar ,Rasheed Masood had declared that food was available at Rs 12/ - in Mumbai & Rs 5/- in Delhi  .They surmised that since ,in Parliament canteen ,food is  cheap ,food at other places must be even cheaper or  free of cost ! How can they be blamed for forming such opinions ? ! They were speaking from experience of the Parliamentary kind...canteen wise ! 

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited canteen & enjoyed a meal....but obviously, such tempting rates attract high & the mighty.

Even non vegetarian food is available at discount of nearly 50 % as Hyderabadi mutton biryani in Parliament canteen cost Rs 50 while it s actual cost is Rs. 93. A neat subsidy of 50 %. Some dishes are subsidised more than 50 %.Like lunch costs Rs 61 though the cost to the exchequer is Rs 138.29.Come to think of it ,with food available at such throw away prices, our MPs are often found absent from Parliament..Every cloud has a silver lining. And they are found invariably in the canteen which is admirable rather than them being in the streets indulging in assaults, fights, riots, etal ! This is how the law & order problems, can be kept at bay ! That is why, there is no need for members to be sitting & passing laws in the Parliament. The presence of members in canteen assures that all is well with the state of the nation. 

Extending the same line of vision that makes inexpensive food handy  in the Parliament canteen ,  drinks should be made available as well.Soft as also hard ones. It would be such a blessing ! Then distress  like the recent Hooch tragedy which killed more than a 100 in  ,Mumbai would never happen. So many unwanted tragic deaths can be prevented.And it has been said time & again, that prevention is better than cure ! No one would dare to adulterate liquor ( made available at the Parliament canteen ) to make it deadly.. After all ,our MPs are representatives of our nation ! Subsidised  drinks would solve water problem as well.Water is becoming scarce  a.As per press reports India will become a  water scarce nation by 2025. So preferable  to start saving water. What better alternative ,can be there  to water, than subsidised  drinks ? ! 

The Parliament canteen prices must be replicated all over our nation ,in every city ,town & village.Subsidized food & drink will make it possible for aam junta to subsist !

And then ,our MPs  would  drink,eat  & make merry.And then it will be a merry go nation ! And we will all keep going round & round in circles till we all fall down ! Literally & in real terms as well.Because our fallen MPs can only lead  all towards depths of despair ! 


Ruchira Khanna said...

Wow! 61 rupee is nothing
These netas should actually pay more and allow the poor class who cannot even afford a single meal enjoy the above... Utter ridiculous laws of our desh :(

Vasudha Rao said...

Yes, dirt cheap,Ruchira ! And now ,they want pay hikes & lifetime pensions !

Janaki Nagaraj said...

They are enjoying at the tax payer's cost. Can't really blame their ignorance!

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